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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #02-29 - July 21, 2002

Special Topic: a nice boat ride

I Need A Squirrel - Ice Diddy
The Raccoon Song - Jan Hobson & Her Bad Review
The Wood Pecker Song - Jerry McCain
I Wish I Were - Da Vinci's Notebook

Dirty Socks - The Jersey Boys
Walkin 'Round In Women's Underwear - The Fifth Inversion/Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio
Never Wear Panties To A Party - Kacey Jones
Who Farted - Uncle Tone f/ Li'l Man
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Closer (Radio Edit) - Richard Trible
The Fang - Nervous Norvus
I've Got A Fang - They Might Be Giants
White Fang - Soupy Sales

I'm Better Than Them - Chance Langton
The Groceries Came To Life - Mike Gruhn
Golden Fluffy Loaves Of Love - Andrew & Aaron
The Lox Song - Flip Schultz
I'm Living On The Borderline - Desaray Deon Donavan & The Mystery People

The Dinghy Song - Ruth Wallis
Big Bear Lake - Mel Blanc
Little Red Rented Rowboat - Joe Dowell
Gilligan Titanic Song - John Mammoser f/ Whitney Allen
Davy's Dinghy - Ruth Wallis

Legend Of The U.S.S. Titanic - Jaime Brockett

#5 Happy Boy - The Beat Farmers
#4 The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop

#3 MCI - The Kinsey Sicks
#2 Let Me Make You Smile In Bed (Hit Record mix) - The Four Postmen

#1 Boris The Spider - The Who
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