playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #05-06 - February 6, 2005

Special Topic: Super Bowl weekend (remembering the first anniversary of the wardrobe accident that shook the world, and football too)

The Duck Tape Song - Johnny Roquemore
Hardware Store - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The Smallest Thing Known To Man - Lorne Elliott
Singing In The Bathtub - R. Crumb & The Cheap Suit Serenaders

You Went The Wrong Way, Old King Louie - Allan Sherman
The Times They Haven't Changed Much - Loose Bruce Kerr
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Watchin' "24" - Ken Johnson
Beep Beep - The Playmates
Drivin' - Henry Phillips
Jedi Mind Trick - Ethan Lipton

The Sorcerer's Stone - Tony Goldmark
The Star Trek Next Generation Episode Guide - Blake Hodgetts
White Collar Holler - Stan Rogers
Talk Like A Pirate Day - Tom Smith

National Anthem (Rejected) - Brown Paper Bags
My Fat Ass Itches - Ken Turetzky
Boobs A Lot - The Holy Modal Rounders
Dear Janet - Richard Thompson
Elderly Man River - Stan Freberg f/ Daws Butler

What It Was, Was Football (Part I & Part II) - Deacon Andy Griffith
The Lonesome Kicker - Adam Sandler

#5 Good Morning Bluebird - Heywood Banks
#4 Last Will And Temperament - The Frantics

#3 Girlfriend - Henry Phillips
#2 A Very English Thing - Les Barker

#1 Epithets - Paul & Storm
next week: Valentine's Day (silly love songs)