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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Best Of Dr. Demento #XM-99

April 16, 2005 - 12m ET (XM channel 151, mono, Saturday night); April 17, 2005 - 12m ET (XM channel 40, stereo, Sunday night)

originally broadcast as The Dr. Demento Show #05-12 - March 20, 2005

Special Topic: hair (the long, the short, and the absence of hair)

They're Here - Boots Walker
Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The Little Blue Man - Betty Johnson
Smelling Like Ed Asner - The Vestibules
Happy Noodle Vs. Sad Noodle (Goodbye, My 4-Track version) - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club

Who Shot J.R.? - Gary Burbank w/ Band McNally
The Doctor Is In - Eric Westfall
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Hot Point, Warm Heart - Blake Hodgetts
Locked In The Closet With You - SuLu
Gay Boyfriend - The Hazzards
Don't Touch Me There - The Tubes

Snow - Howie Newman
We Couldn't Start The Tractor - Mylo Hatzenbuhler
Life - Fleet Street

Hair (excerpt) - James Rado, Gerome Ragni and Company (Original Broadway Cast)
Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels
Get A Haircut, Dad - The Austin Lounge Lizards
Turbo Nose Hair Clippers - Heywood Banks

The Hair Piece - George Carlin
Bang My Bald Spot - Eric Coleman
Combover - Marty Walsh & Lenny Boudreau
The Haircut Song - Ray Stevens

#5 Aliens Really Stink - UFO Phil
#4 Let's Blow Up The Tow Truck - Krypton

#3 Army Careers - The Frantics
#2 Inner Voice - Sudden Death f/ Worm Quartet

#1 Bulbous Bouffant - Radio Free Vestibule
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