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The Dr. Demento Show #08-03 - January 20, 2008

Special Topic: likes and dislikes

30,000 Pounds Of Bananas - Harry Chapin
No Anchovies, Please - The J. Geils Band
The Day The Data Died - Loose Bruce Kerr
The Old Philosopher - Eddie Lawrence

Dirty Don - Don Bowman
Coyote Ugly - Pork & The Havana Ducks
Inflatable You - Tim Minchin
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Chrissy, My Little Chromosexual - Kristy Vant
My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The People Who Live In Your Apartment Building - Flying Like Wilma
Jack Bauer (radio edit) - the great Luke Ski
Chantilly Lace (brief excerpt) - The Big Bopper
F Sharp - Tim Minchin

I Like Chinese - Monty Python
I Like Food - Descendents
I Love Onions - Susan Christie
I Love Beans - Space Ghost
I Like Stinky Cheese - Two Ton Baker
Peanut Butter - The Marathons
I Love Rocky Road - "Weird Al" Yankovic
I Like Beer - Tom T. Hall
I Like Marijuana (excerpt) - David Peel & The Lower East Side

I Like Boys - Judy Tenuta
I Love My Grandma - Grandpa Griffith
I Love The Ocean - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club
I Love Trash - Oscar (Carroll Spinney)
I Like Cartoons - Prof. Zounds
I Like The Sports - Scotty Iseri
I Like To Hurt People - Bob Finnegan & Battle Royal

Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning - Irving Berlin
I Hate Cats - Harry Waller
I Hate People - Willio & Phillio

I Like - Heathen Dan
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