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The Dr. Demento Show #08-28 - July 13, 2008

Special Topic: no clothes

Life In The Bat Cave - Robert Lund
Adam West - Wally Wingert & The Caped Club
The Bertha Butt Boogie - Part 1 - The Jimmy Castor Bunch
My Fantastic Ass - Trey Green
What If Your Butt Was Gone - Carla Ulbrich

Gasoline Blues - Uncle Vic
Don't Leave Your Records In The Sun - John Hartford
Grandmother's Song - Steve Martin
Baa Baa Black Sheep - The Singing Sheep
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Sit On My Face - Monty Python [online version only]
Stop Your Tickling, Jock - Harry Lauder [online version only]
Sixpence - The Escorts [online version only]
Kitty From Kansas City - Rudy Vallee [online version only]

The Alphabet Song - The Three Stooges
That's Mathematics - Tom Lehrer
Math Prodigy - Psycho Pat
The Geeks Come Out At Night - Sudden Death f/ the great Luke Ski
The Parking Lot Strip - John C. Wiseman

Totally Nude - The Wallets
Get Nekked - Rick Dees
The Battle Of Kookamonga - Homer & Jethro
Streakin' U.S.A. - Harry Hepcat & The Boogie Woogie Band
The Streak - Ray Stevens
The Villain Who Wears No Pants - Logan Whitehurst
The Sheik Of Araby (With No Pants On) - Don Albert & His Orchestra

The Bumble Bee Invaded A Nudist Colony - Billy Mitchell
Nellie, The Nudist Queen - Ross & Sargent
Oliver Tan - JellySide Downe
Show It At The Beach - Shel Silverstein
Nude (The Ibiza Beach Song) - Robert Lund

I'd Love Just Once To See You - The Beach Boys
Take Off Your Clothes - Peter Sarstedt
Skinny Dip - Logan Whitehurst & The Junior Science Club

'Tain't No Sin (To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones) - Lee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys
next week: songs performed live in our studios over the years