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The Dr. Demento Show #10-09 - February 28, 2010

Special Topic: it's top ten time

Census - Max DeGroot
It's Never Polite To Ask A Girl How Old She Is - Carla Ulbrich
Middle-Aging Man - Paul Aldrich
Home Sweet Home - Naked Flames
Music, Sex And Cookies (Seventh Annual American Song Festival Winners mix) - George Uetz
My Bologna (Capitol Records single version) - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Ayatollah - Steve Dahl Teenage Radiation

The Streak - Ray Stevens
Bare Facts - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Little Birdy - Ween
Surfin' Bird (Demented Mix) - The Trashmen
Forever Ambrose - Linda Laurie
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Dig Dug - Insane Ian
2600 - Positive Attitude
Home Lobotomy Kit - Chris Ingram
Teenage Lobotomy - Ramones
Big Bad Al - The Einstein Song - The Frantics

I Want To Sing On American Idol - Danny Duda
Mean People Suck - Chris Shepard
Timothy Leary - The Canaliens
You Can Be Anyone This Time Around (excerpt) - Timothy Leary
Help, I'm A Rock (Suite In Three Movements) (excerpt) - The Mothers Of Invention
L.S.D. (excerpt) - Wendell Austin & The Country Swings
(First I Was A Hippie, Then I Was A Stockbroker) Now I Am A Hippie Again - The Bobs

#10 Bohemian Rhapsody - Richard Cheese
#9 Wet Dream - Kip Addotta
#8 Polka Face - Sol Rabinowitz & The Polka Dots
#7 Too Old For Idol - Michael Riser
#6 Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue - Consortium Of Genius

#5 The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny - Lemon Demon
#4 Ten Foot Two, Skin Of Blue - Robert Lund
#3 We Are The Worms - Johnson & Tofte
#2 Tweetin' On A Jet Plane - Steve Goodie

#1 Pants On The Ground - General Larry Platt
next week: the D-Pod shuffle (an entire show of random choices from the Demento Archives)
in three weeks: a fantasy Funny 25

Crepitation Contest - Sidney S. Brown [online version only]