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The Dr. Demento Show #10-23 - June 5, 2010

Special Topic: a big show (songs with the word "big" in the title)

The Orange County Rolling Acres Senior Center Cannabis Club - Roy Zimmerman
Electronic Wuss - The Key Of Awesome
Mom Always Liked You Best - The Smothers Brothers
Real America - Roy Zimmerman
Deathworks SKG - Cirque du So What?

Goin' To The Landfill - Neal Gladstone
Pollution - Tom Lehrer
The Ice Caps Are Melting - Tiny Tim
Seed In My Teeth - Neal Gladstone
Demented News With Whimsical Will

It's A Really Big Show Tonight - The Kirby Stone Four f/ Ed Sullivan - Boy Singer
I Like 'Em Big And Stupid - Julie Brown
Big Bad Al - The Einstein Song - The Frantics
Big Bruce - Steve Greenberg
Big Fat Road Manager - The Arrogant Worms

Ballad Of The Big Buffet - Mylo Hatzenbuhler
Your Feet's Too Big - Fats Waller
Big Ten-Inch Record - Moose Jackson w/ Tiny Bradshaw's Orchestra
Big Butt - Bobby Jimmy & The Critters
Big Balls - AC/DC

She's Big And Round - Pardon Us Five
Big Bottom - Spinal Tap
The Biggest Parakeets In Town - Jud Strunk

Big Cock-Roach - Kip Addotta
Big Sale - Parry Gripp
Big Trouble - Trout Fishing In America
The Big Five-O - Doodoo Wah
Daddy Cut The Big One - Pork & The Havana Ducks

The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota - "Weird Al" Yankovic
next week: songs with the word "little" or "small" or "short" or something similar in the title

The Winker's Song (misprint) - Ivor Biggun & The Red-Nosed Burglars [online version only]
Big Bad Johnson - Richard Bowden [online version only]
Just A Big Ego - Bob & Zip [online version only]
Big Leg Emma - The Mothers Of Invention [online version only]
Big Bruce (alternate version) - Steve Greenberg [online version only]
I'm Gonna Cut A Big One - Dick Feller [online version only]
Big Bruce - The Country Gentlemen [online version only]
Go Wash An Elephant (If You Wanna Do Something Big) (excerpt) - Joe Candullo's Orchestra f/ Irving Kaufman [online version only]