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The Dr. Demento Show #10-39 - September 25, 2010

Special Topic: it's top ten time

Hot Monkey Love - Paul & Storm
Chicken Monkey Duck - Mike Phirman
A Brief Chronological History Of The Space Monkey Program - The Amoeba People
The Monkey - Dave Bartholomew
Riot In Cell Block #9 - The Robins
Jailbreak - The State
The News From Central Minnesota - The State
The Orange County Rolling Acres Senior Center Cannabis Club - Roy Zimmerman
It's Good To Be The King - The Great Luke Ski (f/ Devo Spice, Insane Ian, & Bud Sharpe)

CosPlaying FanGurls - Insane Ian f/ the great Luke Ski
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred & His Playboy Band
Do Just What I Say - Mike Phirman
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Clear The Floor - Mike Phirman
Disco Crep - Big Daddy
Hell Is A Disco - Wammo
The Autoharp Is Out Of Tune - The Amoeba People

Hey, Mr. Postman! - Henry Phillips [online version uncensored]
There's A Man That Comes To Our House (Every Single Day) - Sweet Violet Boys
FedExy - Brian Kenney Fresno

#10 Burning Ambitions - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
#9 All The Same - Dino-Mike
#8 Squirrels (unedited stereo remix) - The Beastly Boys
#7 Twitter Tweetin' - Carrie Dahlby
#6 Street Meat (You Keep Tauntin' Me) - Mike Phirman
#5 The Guy On TV Is Not Happy - Tony Goldmark
#4 Amish Paradise - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#3 Give You A Baby - Johnny Walker
#2 Raichu A Song - Nuclear Bubble Wrap

#1 Shall We Burn A Book For Jesus? - Steve Goodie
next week: one of our most requested special topics - a salute to Star Trek

The Koo-Koo Koach In "Half-Time Hilarity" - The State [online version only]
Dingleberry - Jennifer Shenberger [online version only]
I Own A Big, Big Gun Because I Have A Tiny Penis - Entropy On Tap [online version only]
This Bloke Came Up To Me - Derek & Clive [online version only]
Sanford's Song (You Don't Have To Be Gay To Ride A Ferry) - Barefoot Man [online version only]
Aw Fuck You - Mr. Dickie Weed [online version only]