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The Dr. Demento Show #12-16 - April 21, 2012

Special Topic: America's most popular drug - alcohol

Religion And Politics Ya-Ta-Ta! Ya-Ta-Ta! (Original Version) - Scott Beach
In The Beginning - Todd Snider
Wiggle, Jesus, Wiggle (Wildcat Remix) - Noodle Muffin
Hasa Diga Ebowai - The Book Of Mormon Original Broadway Cast
The Whale Did, I Know He Did - Mustard & Gravy
Demented News With Whimsical Will

I Paid My Income Tax Today - Gene Autry
Black Holes Suck - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf - Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra
Wolf Song - Eric Haines
New York Banker - Todd Snider
No Banker Left Behind - Ry Cooder
Views Behind The Views - Bob & Ray
Einstein Vs. Stephen Hawking (from Epic Rap Battles Of History) - Nice Peter & Lloyd Ahlquist

9 Coronas ('99) - John Mammoser
Ten Little Bottles (edit) - Johnny Bond
Fifty-One Beers - Karl & Harty
500 Miles - The Complainers

Alabama Song (Whisky Bar) - The Doors
Alcoholic Blues (Victor version) - Billy Murray
Bar Trek - Thomas Gauthier
Medley: Beer, Beer, Glorious Beer - Beer Barons/Beer Barrel Polka - Andrews Sisters/How Many Burps In A Bottle Of Beer? - Frankie Yankovic/Red Light - Green Light - Engineer Bill
Beer - The Asylum Street Spankers
Beer - Unit 3 & Venus
Beer, Beer Bottla Beer - A. C. Ducey
The Beer Drinkin' Song - Mac Davis

Beer Drinking Woman - Memphis Slim
Beer Is Better Than Women - Axel The Sot
Beer Run (live) - Todd Snider
The Beerhunter - Bob & Doug McKenzie
Boozy Nights - The Barron Knights
Chug-A-Lug - Roger Miller
Clink, Clink, Another Drink - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Colorado Cool-Aid - Johnny Paycheck

A Corn Licker Still In Georgia (parts 1 & 2) - Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett, Gid Tanner, Lowe Stokes, Fate Norris, Bob Nichols & Bill Brown
next week: top ten time
on June 16: more alcohol alphabet