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The Dr. Demento Show #12-43 - October 27, 2012

Special Topic: Halloween part 2

This Is Halloween - The Citizens Of Halloween
We're All Gonna Die - Insane Ian f/ Kiki Canon, Devo Spice, & Schaffer The Darklord
The Halloween Song - Boris Karloff & Bing Crosby
Big Trouble - Trout Fishing In America
Trick Or Treatin' Blues - Bob Rivers
The Halloween That Came Before November The First - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Monster Shindig Pt. 2 - Danny Hutton
Casper The Friendly Ghost - Little Richard
Disneyland Haunted Mansion soundtrack (excerpt including Grim Grinning Ghosts - Thurl Ravenscroft)
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Cemetery Girls - Barnes & Barnes
I Hold Your Hand In Mine (original studio version) - Tom Lehrer
"The Mummy" radio commercial
The Mummy - Bob McFadden & Dor
Monsta' Rap - Elvira
"Grizzly" radio commercial
The Man With The Weird Beard - Arthur Godfrey
Guy With A Beard - TV's Kyle
"Tales From The Crypt" radio commercial
Ghost Walk - Borrah Minevitch & His Harmonica Rascals
Forever Lurking - Eban Schletter (f/ Grant Lee Phillips)

Halloween - Krispy Kreme
My Werewolf Mama - Lenny Bruce
The Loch Ness Monster - Thurl Ravenscroft
The House At Creepy Lake - Kenny Young & The Eggplants
"Last House On The Left" radio commercial
Haunted House - Gene Simmons
With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm - Caryl P. Weiss

Bo Meets The Monster - Bo Diddley
Castin' My Spell - The Johnny Otis Show
The Whip - The Creeps
The Witch - The Sonics
Grave Yard Creep - James Duhon
Goblin Girl - Frank Zappa
Monster Rap (edit) - Bobby (Boris) Pickett f/ Bobby Paine
It's Only Halloween (dance mix) (edit) - Butch Patrick
Dead Get Down - Life In A Blender
Born On Halloween - Vanilla Ice f/ Insane Clown Posse
Spookier Than You - TV's Kyle

Marie Laveau - Bobby Bare
Down South - Woody Allen
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Bonus Track (Adults Only!):
It's Halloween (Album Version) - GT