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The Dr. Demento Show #13-03 - January 19, 2013

Special Topic: random choice rides again

Ambrose (Part Five) - Linda Laurie
Blood On The Saddle - Tex Ritter
Charlie Sheen - Power Salad
The Countryside - Jim Henson
A Day In The Life Of Green Acres - Damaskas And Barnes & Barnes
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Digital Duck - Clarence "Ducky" Nash
Dirty Socks - The Jersey Boys
Do Bears... - Rowan Atkinson & Kate Bush w/ Howard Goodall
Don'tville - Katie Lee w/ Ray Martin & His Orchestra
Hot Rod Race - Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan
I Forget - Maxwell In the Morning
I Was A Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps
I'll Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Mine (live in studio from show #03-33) - Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players Interview excerpt (from show #03-33)
Money for Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies - "Weird Al" Yankovic

Mother's Lament - Cream
Noon Balloon To Rangoon - Nervous Norvus
OMG - Project Sisyphus
One Hen - The Blue Chips
Outgrossing - The Frantics

The Parking Lot Strip - John C. Wiseman
Pete and Bob: Things That Have Things Written On Them - The Vestibules
Political Science - Randy Newman
Rock And Roll Must Go (It's In The Book) - Johnny Standley
Rutabaga Boogie - Paul Shelasky & His Musical Zombies

Short People - Randy Newman
Slap 'Er Down, Agin, Paw - Arthur Godfrey w/ The Too Fat Trio
Take The Skinheads Bowling - Camper Van Beethoven
Vanity Surfin' - Jesus H Christ & The Four Hornsmen Of The Apocalypse
Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
Wildwood Weed - Jim Stafford
Wolf Creek Pass - C.W. McCall
Woodpeckers From Space - Video Kids
You Got Your Baby Back - Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo
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Bonus Tracks (Adults Only!):
The I-95 "Asshole" Song - August Campbell & The Spur Of The Moment Band
A Pervert's Life - Fermisht
Vagina Bound - The Frantics
The Way You Talk - Schaffer The Darklord