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The Dr. Demento Show #13-08 - February 23, 2013

Special Topic: top ten time

2 Hot 4 You Part II - Barry & The Bookbinders
I'm A Wimp - Steve Dahl
It's Hard Out Here For A Wimp - Smooth-E
Asshole - Denis Leary
Ode To The Little Brown Shack Out Back - Billy Edd Wheeler
Demented News With Whimsical Will
I Hates Rabbits - Jerry Neil
Kill The Wabbit - Ozzy Fudd (Mark McCollum)
Rabbit Valley - The Four Postmen

Sahra Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out - Shel Silverstein
Something's In The Bag - Barnes & Barnes
Kittens In A Bag - Boothby Graffoe

We Shot The New Kids On The Block - Plastic Neo-Pseudo-Fascist Bastards
It's Just My Kids - Scary Gary Alan
Those Two Dreadful Children - Cruella De Ville
Should Have Used A Condom - Barefoot Man
The Day I Jumped From Uncle Harvey's Plane - Roger Miller
I've Got Some Falling To Do - Lemon Demon
My Parachute Won't Open - Itzhak Volansky
I'll Lose Weight - Max DeGroot
One Toke Over The Line - Lawrence Welk

Ice Man Song - Roy Lee Brown & His Musical Brownies
Somebody's Been Using That Thing - Milton Brown & The Musical Brownies
Grandma Dropped The Cock Bomb - Steve Scearcy

#10 How I Caught My Cold - Heywood Banks
#9 Gorilla My Dreams - Glen Raphael
#8 Hey, Whimsical Will - Byron Lee
#7 Kittens For Sale - TV's Kyle
#6 JoCo Got Jacked - Devo Spice
#5 We Were Never Ever Actually Together - Eric Schwartz
#4 Mwahaha - Ookla the Mok
#3 The Vatican Rag - Tom Lehrer
#2 When You Wish Upon A Death Star - the great Luke Ski
#1 Baby Got Back - Jonathan Coulton
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Bonus Track (Adults Only!):
Shave 'Em Dry - Bessie Jackson