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The Dr. Demento Show #14-04 - January 25, 2014

Special Topic: the first top ten of 2014

Olaf's Theme - El Kabong
Snowbanks Of Life - Doyle & Debbie
I Still Write Your Name In The Snow - Chet Atkins
Getting Even With Telemarketers: I Need Viagra - John Mammoser
Va Va Voom - Barbarellatones
Va Va Va Voom - Art Carney
Car Noises - The Frantics
Getting Even With Telemarketers: My Cat's Pregnant - John Mammoser
Demented News With Whimsical Will
Free Beer Polka - Chardon Polka Band

Fake Adult - the great Luke Ski
Birthday Cake Polka - Sheriff John
Bozo's Song - Pinto Colvig
So Many Fwends - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
I Live In A Split Level Head - Napoleon XIV
Three Idiots I - Kevyn Dymond

The Carbon Cycle - Hard 'N Phirm
Street Meat (You Keep Tauntin' Me) - Mike Phirman
Hongry - The Coasters
One Meat Ball - Jimmy Savo
Hungry Freaks, Daddy - The Mothers Of Invention
You Can Eat Dog Food - Austin Lounge Lizards

#10 Surfin' Bird (Family Guy remix) - The Trashmen/Family Guy cast/mashup by Luke Ski
#9 Charliesomething - Eric Schwartz
#8 Christopher Robin's Lament - Insane Ian
#7 The Only Straight Man In America Who Doesn't Watch The Super Bowl - Dan Hart
#6 Free Water - Redbox & The Chilipeppers
#5 Viral Song - Toby Turner
#4 Know Your Doctors - Amanda Cohen
#3 Who Is The Doctor? - Devo Spice
#2 Please Mr. Kennedy - Justin Timberlake, Oscar Isaac & Adam Driver

#1 Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee New Jersey Traffic Jam - Jimmy Fallon & Bruce Springsteen
next week: African-American funny people

Bonus Tracks (Adults Only!):
It's Fucking Cold Outside - Fortress Of Attitude
From God's Perspective (w/ intro) - Bo Burnham
This Party Took A Turn For The Douche - Garfunkel & Oates
In Cuntry - Scuzz Twittley
There's A Picture - Eric Schwartz