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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #15-47 - November 21, 2015

Special Topic: Thanksgiving (turkeys & relatives); musical turkeys

Don't Be Obscene - Dino-Mike
A Clean Song - Oscar Brand
Gump - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Giddyup Do-nut - Don Bowman
Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu - Jonathan Winters & The Martians
The Chainsaw Juggler (Hit Record version) - The Four Postmen
Pop Song - The Four Postmen
Pop Hates The Beatles - Allan Sherman
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Nothing Beats Old People At Christmas - Pony Death Ride
I'm Not Social - Xposed 4heads
The "Chart" Song - Nate Bucklin

Them Hors D'Oeuvers - Mason Williams
I Like Stinky Cheese - Two Ton Baker
Get A Load Of This - R. Crumb & His Cheap Suit Serenaders
I Just Sneezed In My Pie - Steve Goodie
Grub: The Story Of Food - Bob & Ray
Pig Ears - Barbarellatones
Them Hog Liver Likers (w/ intro) - Mason Williams
Food - The Bigg Brothers

Take An Indian To Lunch This Week (Pilgrim's Progress)/Under The Double Turkey (The Thanksgiving Story) - Stan Freberg
Turkey Bird - Heywood Banks
Terrified Birds - Greg Eggman Moore
The Turkey Song (edit) - Bryant Oden/Songdrops
Soy Un Butterball - Perch Theatre
A Goose For My Girl - Benny Bell
The Thanksgiving Song - Adam Sandler
'Twas The Day Of Thanksgiving (Or A Visit From The Relatives) - Christopher Kent
Aunt Betty's Thanksgiving Dinner - J. D. Bean
I Heart Thanksgiving - Robert Lund
Black Friday - the great Luke Ski

The Little Old Doctor From Ipanema - The Detergents
Yeah, Yeah - The Bedbugs
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Can I Pawn My Teeth To You - Roy Esser
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Queen Of The Night - Florence Foster Jenkins
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: I Want To Know Why - Jandek
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Training Pants Song - Potty Pal

Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich - Art Paul Schlosser
Fluffy - Gloria Balsam
The William Tell Overture (Theme from The Lone Ranger!) - The Portsmouth Sinfonia
Hallelujah Chorus - The Portsmouth Sinfonia
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in December: three new holiday shows