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The Dr. Demento Show #16-10 - March 5, 2016

Special Topic: a quick trip to Dixie; a visit to the land of yodels and the land of laughter; small things

Creepy Kind Of Love - Dino-Mike
Do I Creep You Out - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Creep, The Tragic Cockroach - The Roaches
The Leprechaun - Marc Gunn
The Groove Song (That's What I Like About The South) - Phil Harris
I Wanna Go Back To Dixie (live w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer
Bright College Days (live) - Tom Lehrer
Cabinet Man - Lemon Demon
If It Wasn't For This Pain In My Ass I'd Have No Sensation At All - Heywood Banks
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Bring Me Edelweiss - Edelweiss
yodeling - Franzl Lang
I Miss My Swiss (My Swiss Miss Misses Me) (excerpt) - Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra
Blue Yodel - Jimmie Rodgers
Chime Bells - Elton Britt w/ The Skytoppers
New Bibi Hendl (excerpt) - Takeo Ishii

Laugh Laugh Phonograph (excerpt) - Bob Kennedy
Laughing Song - George W. Johnson
The OKeh Laughing Record (background only)
Laughing Song - Henry Klauser
The Laughing Policeman - Charles Penrose
Laughin' In Rhythm - Slim & Slam
Meet The Staff Of MAD - The Editor, The Publisher, And All The Idiots

Tom Lehrer interview (excerpt) (from show #91-47)
Teeny Tiny - Kaye Ballard
Little Boxes - Pete Seeger
Little Red Caboose - Big Jon Presents Sparkie
Little Toot (uncensored) - MacLean & MacLean
Let's Get Small (single edit) - Steve Martin

Short People - Randy Newman
Little Fat Policeman (edit) - Sandpiper Singers w/ Mitch Miller Orchestra
Little Chinese Man - New Vaudeville Players w/ Fort Wayne Chuckles
I'm A Little Twerp - Gunnar Madsen
Dwarf Tossin' - Bouquet of Veal
Fear Of Little Men - The Chills
The Little Man - Barnes & Barnes
Call Me Shorty - Mickey Gilley
The Little Space Girl - Jesse Lee Turner
Three Little Pigs - Green Jelly
I'm A Little Dinosaur - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers
Little Animals In Heat - David Drazin
Little Birdy - Ween
Some Little Bug Is Going To Find You (Food Song) - Phil Harris & His Orchestra

I'm A Little Weenie - Sheriff John
I Got A Small Thing - John Mammoser
With My Little Ukulele In My Hand - George Formby
The Smallest Thing Known To Man - Lorne Elliott
next week: little minds/small minds/stupid minds (stupidity & stupid songs); St. Patrick's Day