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The Dr. Demento Show #16-31 - July 30, 2016

Special Topic: it's top ten time

Great Again! - Shirley Brassy & The Trumpettes
Trump - Cindy Lee Berryhill
The Big Laugh - Jurgen Schlachter
Paralyzed - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Wake Up (To A Happy Day) - Tom Peterson
Oh, How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning (edit) - Irving Berlin
Wake Up (To A Happy Day) - Tom Peterson
Pokemon Mon - Robert Lund
Pokemon Go Away - Buckstein
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Ritalin - Rob Paravonian
Winning The War On Drugs - The Asylum Street Spankers
Satan Gave Me A Taco - Beck
Kitty Cat's Revenge - Ray Stevens
Geek's Revenge - Don Noon
The Pizza's Revenge - Bruce Popka

Kosher Delight - The Yiddish People
Here Comes The Judge - Pigmeat Markham
Say Man - Bo Diddley

Hair - The Cowsills
Sex Now - Sean Morey
Sweet Violets - Bob Dickson
I Get Weird - John W. Christensen

The Wild West Is Where I Want To Be (original studio version) - Tom Lehrer
Atomic Cocktail - Slim Gaillard
Talking Atomic Blues (live) - Sam Hinton
Atomic Power - Fred Kirby

#10 Fish Cannery - Tim Cavanagh
#9 The Comedy-Music Life - Devo Spice f/ Insane Ian & Power Salad
#8 I'm The Slime - The Mothers
#7 Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good - Insane Ian
#6 Pokemon Go! - Young Jeffrey
#5 Word Crimes - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#4 Ghostbusted - Anthony "A-Log" LoGatto
#3 When Trump Was A Lad - Michael Stein
#2 Dick Heads - Steve Goodie
#1 I'm Gonna Be Offended - Timm McCoy
next week: Florence Foster Jenkins, speaking with Darryl Bullock whose book about Florence was recently published