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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #17-46 - November 18, 2017

Special Topic: Thanksgiving; musical turkeys

Bar Trek - Thomas Gauthier
Star Wars Cantina - Mark Jonathan Davis
Ode To Obi-Wan - Joe J Thomas
Hey, E.T. - Dickie Goodman
E.T. And His Adventures In L.A. - Steve Dahl w/ Teenage Radiation
I Had Sex With E.T. - Barnes & Barnes
Let Me Tell You 'Bout My Bike - Pony Death Ride
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Bisexual - Bob Rivers
Pansexual Pantheist - Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Let Me Make You Smile In Bed - The Four Postmen
I'm Tired - Madeline Kahn

Food Glorious Food - from Ice Age 2
The Gobble Song - Jesse Bruce
The Thanksgiving Song - Adam Sandler
Eatin' Lotsa Turkey - Eggman
Soy Un Butterball - Perch Theatre
Eat Me - I'm A Turkey - Duke Tumatoe
Turkey Bird - Heywood Banks

Guffy The Goofy Gobbler - Gene Autry
A Goose For My Girl - Benny Bell
Mr. Bug's Thanksgiving - Parry Gripp
Michael Ate The Smorgasbord - Rick Segall
Too Much Turkey - Benji Edwards
Tofurky Song - Joanie Leeds
I Like Vegetabes - Parry Gripp
Buy Yams...I Said - Moneyshot Cosmonauts
Thanksgiving At My House - Pat Godwin
Take An Indian To Lunch This Week (Pilgrim's Progress)/Under The Double Turkey (The Thanksgiving Story) - Stan Freberg
Black Friday - the great Luke Ski

Hallelujah Chorus (edit) - The Portsmouth Sinfonia
Paralyzed - The Legendary Stardust Cowboy
Why (Do People Have To Fight) - Herve Villechaize
You're Something Special To Me - The Shaggs
Could You, Would You - The Planets
Mr. Blobby - Mr. Blobby
Fluffy - Gloria Balsam

Best Thanksgiving Ever (live) - Dead Milkmen
Bitchin' Camaro (excerpt) - The Dead Milkmen
Thanksgiving Prayer - William S. Burroughs
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