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The Dr. Demento Show #20-49 - December 5, 2020

Special Topic: Christmas part 1/3
Christmas Balls - Ben Light & His Surf Club Boys
Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong
¿Dònde Està Santa Claus? (Where Is Santa Claus?) (excerpt) - Augie Rios
I Want A Blow Up Doll For Christmas - Arnie Aardvark
The Chipmunk Song - The Whales
Chipmunks Roasting On An Open Fire - Bob Rivers
Demented News With Whimsical Will
Christmas By Myself - Toiley T Paper f/ John B. deHaas

Holy Shit, It's Christmas - Red Peters
Dino The Dinosaur's Christmas Tree - Alan Reed
Christmas Time Spaghetti - Max DeGroot f/ Dipper
Santa's Gonna Telecommute This Christmas (New Pandemic Version) - Power Salad
Zoom Christmas - Tony Jones
Merry Christmas You Suckers - Paddy Roberts
Can I Interest You In Hanukkah? - Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart
How The Grinch Stole Chanukah - Mike Toomey

A Year In Dementia 2018

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas (Hippo The Hero) - Gayla Peevey
Nuttin' For Christmas (excerpt) - Art Mooney & His Orchestra w/ Barry Gordon
Nuttin' For Christmas - Stan Freberg

All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth) - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Blue Christmas - Seymour Swine & The Squeelers
The Twelve Pains Of Christmas - Bob Rivers Comedy Corp
Here Comes Santa - Victor Banana
Hooray For Santa Claus - Milton DeLugg & The Little Eskimos
Dear Santa - Sean Morey
I Am Santa Claus - The Hot Buttered Elves/Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio
I Was Santa Claus At The School House (For The P.T.A.) (edit) - Yogi Yorgesson w/ Johnny Duffy & The Scandahoovians
Santa's Beard - The Beach Boys
Santa's Beard - They Might Be Giants
St. Nick Dick Pic - Amy Engelhardt

Twelve Days Of Christmas - Bob & Doug McKenzie
Whip Me, Santa Claus - Mucus & The Bloody Phlegm
The Night Santa Went Crazy - "Weird Al" Yankovic

I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus - Kip Addotta
A Daddy's Christmas - Albert Brooks & Little Kristi
Yellin' At The Xmas Tree - Billy Idol
An Old Fashioned Christmas (Daddy's Home) - Linda Bennett
The Christmas Shoes (excerpt) - Newsong
The Christmas Thong - Robert Lund w/ Macy Lund
The Twelve Days Of Christmas - The Mushroom Tab. Choir
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