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The Dr. Demento Show #22-31 - July 30, 2022

Special Topic: Top Ten
Dinner With Drac (Part 1) - John Zacherle "The Cool Ghoul"
Vegetables (stereo album version) - The Beach Boys
Rutabaga Boogie - Paul Shelasky & His Musical Zombies
We Built This City On Sausage Rolls - LadBaby
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor (On The Bedpost Over Night) - Lonnie Donegan & His Skiffle Group
Let It All Hang Out - The Hombres
Mr. Clean - Yung Gravy
Demented News With Whimsical Will

Thank God I'm A Rich Kid - Ogden Edsl
An Elpee's Worth Of Toons - Todd Rundgren
Surfer Dan - The Turtles
In A Yugo - Paul Shanklin
Calling All Cars (A vocal impression of a Gangster Raid) - The Four Aces (The Human Orchestra)
His Majesty The Policeman - Lord Buckley
You Were Speeding - The Frantics
Patient Portal - Jason Didner

Mama Ines - Havana Novelty Orchestra
The Time Warp - The Chipmunks
Waldo P. Emerson Jones - The Archies
Little Green Men - Steve Vai

Pants - Randy Newman
Marcell's Talkin' Chain Saw - Jerry Clower
Cenobite - Jeff Whitmire
Big Eyed Beans From Venus - Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
Mars Party - The Amoeba People
Weird Alcoholic - Dead By 28
You're Breakin' My Heart - Nilsson

#10 Food Food Food - Steve Goodie
#9 The Vatican Rag - Tom Lehrer
#8 Inflationary Language - Victor Borge
#7 Dirty Deeds Done With Sheep - Bob Rivers
#6 Pencil Neck Geek - Fred Blassie
EXTRA: Geek's Revenge - Don Noon
#5 The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
#4 Stairway To Gilligan's Island - Puddles Pity Party
#3 Plastic Jesus - Allison Young & Josh Turner
#2 Brandon - Worm Quartet

#1 They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! - Napoleon XIV
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