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The Dr. Demento Show #23-23 - June 10, 2023

Special Topic: nudity
NOTE: This show was assembled from 4 previous shows, with commercials and outdated references removed. The first 3 segments are from 99-18, the next segment from 97-26, the next segment from 03-10, the next 2 segments from 89-16, and the final 3 segments from 97-26.
Pasties And A G-String (At the Two O'Clock Club) - Tom Waits
Chicken Fat (Disc Jockey Version) - Robert Preston
A Clean Song - Oscar Brand
Nigel - Groove Handle

Hey, Mr. Postman! - Henry Phillips
Feel Free (To Leave Me Alone) - Bishop Hill
Demented News With Whimsical Will [repeat from 05-02-99]

Vampire Beavers - Joe Hall & The Continental Drift
Timothy - The Buoys
Tacos For Two - Lalo Guerrero
Quesadilla.../Walk Around Naked - Vinnie & The Stardusters

I'd Love Just Once To See You - The Beach Boys
The Battle Of Kookamonga - Homer & Jethro
Show It At The Beach - Shel Silverstein
What's So Bad About A Nipple? - The Toyes
Take Off Your Clothes - Peter Sarstedt

Donald Where's Your Troosers? - Andy Stewart
Totally Nude - The Wallets
The Bumble Bee Invaded A Nudist Colony - Billy Mitchell
'Tain't No Sin (To Take Off Your Skin And Dance Around In Your Bones) - Lee Morse & Her Blue Grass Boys
Donald, Where's Your Trousers?/What Do You Do With A Drunken Sailor? - Brobdingnagian Bards

Streaking montage I:

Streaking montage II:

Black's Beach - Island
Streaking montage III:

The Streak - Ray Stevens
(Cajun Version of) The Streak (excerpt) - Belton Richard
Buck Naked - Hank Williams, Jr.

#5 Really Safe Sex - Tim Cavanagh
#4 Pull My Finger - The Happy Schnapps Combo

#3 Bulbous Bouffant - Radio Free Vestibule
#2 Last Will And Temperament (with full ending) - The Frantics
EXTRA: Pretty Flowers - Dufus
Pretty Flowers (brief in-studio vocalization) - Dr. Demento

#1 Return To Jurassic Park - Whimsical Will
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