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The Dr. Demento Show #24-18 - May 4, 2024

Special Topic: streaking
NOTE: This show debuted half an hour after its normal posting time of midnight Pacific.
Runnin' Bare - Jim Nesbitt
We Like Streaking - No Shorts
The Ever Popular Streak Song - Bill Smith & The Oakland Park Raiders
Streaking USA - Richard L. Clark
Superstreaker - Flesh Gordon & the Nude Hollywood Argyles
Demented News With Whimsical Will [compilation from 9-9-01 & 2-23-19]

Come Streak With Me - Treasure
Speaking Of Streaking - Gary Seger
Speaking Of Streaking - Harold Hardsell
Streak Easy (background only) - The Soul Streakers
The Streak - Cledus T. Judd f/ Ray Stevens
Streakin' And Freakin' - The Streaks
Streakin' U.S.A. - Harry Hepcat & The Boogie Woogie Band
(Cajun Version of) The Streak - Belton Richard
El Streako (background only) - Estrada Bros.

Streakin' With My Baby (On A Sunday Afternoon) - The Four Guys
Streakin' At The Streaker's Ball - The New Streakers
The First Annual Streak In - "Skinny" Johnny Mitchell
I Am A Streaker - Arelean Brown
Midnight Streaker - Dusty Haze
Naked - Flesh Gordon & The Nude Hollywood Argyles
Rock 'n' Roll Streaker - Elephants Memory

Streakin' - D'Jurann Jurrann
Streakin' - The Streakers
Streakin' '74 - Shorr's Streakers
Streakin' - High Voltage
Streakin' - Part Two - The Streakers
Streakin' (Part II) (background only) - Campus Security

Streak Meet - Two For The Road
Streakin' Down The Avenue - Matrix
The Ballad Of The Mad Streaker - Larry Lujack "Superjock"
Here Come's The Streaker - High Voltage
Let's Streak - Ironing Board Sam w/ The Living End Band
(She Was A) Jaywalking Streaker - Michael Capitaine
The Streaker - Gary Seger & The Streaking Voices
Mr. McCreaker The Streaker - Ted Marcus
The Streaker - The Jaggerz
Streaking A Go Go (background only) - El Chicle

The Streak (excerpt) - Bobby Wieno
The Streak - Ray Stevens
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