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Dr. Demento Interviews The Beach Boys - July, 1973

NOTE: The exact date of this interview is unknown, but it is believed to be in the range of July 26 to July 29, 1973.
NOTE: This is not an episode of "The Dr. Demento Show" but one of several interviews Dr. Demento conducted with various artists as part of his day job at Warner Brothers. It was intended to be sent to radio stations for promotional purposes, but it was never broadcast.

the main program

Friends (excerpt) - The Beach Boys
introductions: Ricky Fataar, Carl Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Mike Love/How did Ricky Fataar & Blondie Chaplin become part of the group?/Everyone contributed to writing on Holland album./recording outside of California (in Holland)
California Saga (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a) (single version) - The Beach Boys
How do individual ideas get into the group's music?/Alan Jardine arrives./What is Brian's role in the group today?
Feel Flows - The Beach Boys
earlier history of the group
Surfin' (album version) (excerpt) - The Beach Boys
getting in touch with publisher/singing together as teenagers/early live gigs/early recording sessions
Surfer Girl (excerpt) - The Beach Boys
Alan is restoring a homestead./Ricky is putting together a little studio./Dennis plays music and surfs./Michael meditates and goes to the beach to body surf. People from MIU live with Mike and he talks about transcendental meditation. He also has a garden./More talk of TM.
Transcendental Meditation - The Beach Boys
Why was Smile never released?/Were the tapes destroyed?/recording Smiley Smile
Wind Chimes - The Beach Boys
Wild Honey R&B-themed album
Darlin' - The Beach Boys
Surf's Up album (Student Demonstration Time)/Surfin' U.S.A. - any static from Chuck Berry for using his tune?/"Phoenix Dream" song Mike is writing/Why have The Beach Boys survived as a band for so long and remained popular?/How have your goals changed over the years?/Is the name "Beach Boys" still good?
Sail On Sailor - The Beach Boys
social conscience in songs
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
The Beach Boys' musical philosopy/What material do you play in concert?/Do you enjoy making new records?
Friends (excerpts/background) - The Beach Boys


The proposed radio program would've run an hour, but the interview by itself (before music was inserted) lasted around an hour and a half. Some additional parts of the interview were retained for consideration for the final product. These exist in 23 separate segments, some short and some long. Below are the notes Dr. Demento made in 1973 to describe these outtakes. [Notes in brackets were added by me.]

"Loose Ends" - leads up to Jaming + Jiving
Parks, Reiley, etc. [including Daryl Dragon]
Wrapup of Brian's Role
"Surfin'" -(2 bits) + before
Glen Campbell [also includes discussion of when Brian stopped touring]
"Crap at Capitol" (early) "Ronda" - "Party" album + a few words on Pet Sounds
Dennis- change of instr.
New studio/Carl's spare time (noisy)
bit about destroyed tapes [2 segments]
Smiley Smile [2 segments]
Smile - Release? Fire music
[re-release of later Capitol albums]
Concert Album + Recent attempts to Record
4 Seasons
old records hold up?
Big Disappointment -Maharishi [2 segments]
Stereo Technique [and quad]/Fav. Other Records/Radio/Al- Working with hands/Change in attitudes of people = B.B. popularity?
[other current music vs. Beach Boys music/what they've been through]

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