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The Dr. Demento Show - Pico And Sepulveda "Roll Your Own" contest submissions

NOTE: This is NOT a radio show. It is a compilation of all 34 entries submitted to this contest and judged for airing.

In early 1973, Dr. Demento was using the original recording of "Pico And Sepulveda" by Felix Figueroa as his opening theme. It was contained on a cart at KMET, which is a cartridge containing a continuous loop of tape, similar in concept to an 8-track.

One night in early 1973 (probably February 18), the cart containing "Pico And Sepulveda" jammed and wouldn't play. At this point "Sugar Blues" by Clyde McCoy became his theme.

He later ran into Steven Segal (a/k/a "The Obscene Steven Clean", another KMET DJ who had originally introduced Dr. Demento to radio listeners and given him his name), and Steven suggested Dr. D hold a contest for people to submit their own versions of "Pico And Sepulveda" and play the best ones on the air.

The contest was announced March 11, with entries due by April 9. Dr. Demento, along with Captain Chaos & Jungle Judy, selected the ten best, and on April 15 those entries were played on the air. There was one grand prize winner, two tied for second place, and seven receiving honorable mention. There were a wide variety of submissions, with some people covering the original song, some adding new lyrics, some writing new songs, and some creating recordings that went in a different direction altogether.

What follows is a list of all entries that were judged for airplay. Absent from the list is the fabled recording by Al Yankovic and his friends that was submitted to this contest. The best guess at this point is that it arrived too late to be in the running. (Note that entry #5 features an accordion, but it has been confirmed that this is NOT Al Yankovic.)

  1. Bob Mitchell (Tarzana)
  2. Louis Ward (Gardena)
  3. Pamela Tongret (Santa Monica)
  4. Scott Breitbart & friends (Los Angeles)
  5. Wesley Wilshire & Veronica Vermont (Los Angeles)
  6. The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
  7. Bob Pearsall (Alhambra)
  8. Pete, Doug & Denny (Van Nuys)
  9. I. William Lally (Los Angeles)
  10. Merrill-Stado (Tarzana)
  11. James Kranayak (Van Nuys)
  12. The Gay Blades c/o M. Warren (Los Angeles)
  13. Bill & Bob Koppany (Los Angeles)
  14. K. Scholler (Corona Del Mar)
  15. Bob Hermansen (Long Beach)
  16. Tom Armagost (San Marino)
  17. Jeff & Greg Lee (Encino)
  18. Kelyn Press (Santa Monica)
  19. Jerry Margolis/Flat Footed Four (Tarzana)
  20. Robert O. Woolsey (Canoga Park)
  21. Todd Yollis (Encino)
  22. The Stalemates (Encino)
  23. Patty Trimble (Balboa Island)
  24. Bill Elfstrom (Sherman Oaks)
  25. USC Wild West 4th Floor (Los Angeles)
  26. Ducan/Parsons (Santa Barbara)
  27. Birmingham Gavel Club Demented Dozen c/o Jeff Greenberg (Encino)
  28. Allen Carman Choir (Canoga Park)
  29. Jordan Leiker (Alhambra)
  30. Nathan Misraje (Los Angeles)
  31. Fat Rabbit (Riverside)
  32. The James Gang (Los Angeles)
  33. Jon Schwartz (Los Angeles)
  34. Eric Nielsen (Long Beach)