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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - September 1, 1974 (6p-10p)

Special Topic: a very special tribute to the late Charles A. Lindbergh
NOTE: In the opening, Dr. Demento mentions he will play the Sons Of The Pioneers on this show, but he doesn't. The intention was to play "Cool Water" after "In The River, Part 2" but he decided not to.
Reefer Man - Cab Calloway & His Orchestra

The Little White Duck - Burl Ives
Bernard Bikini - Marti Mae & The Sandslingers
Barnacle Bill The Sailor - Hoagy Carmichael/Bix Beiderbecke

In The River (Part 2) - Dr. J. Paul Goodbreath
Woodsy - Jon Schwartz
Goldilocks And The Three Bears - Steve Allen
Snatch And Grab It - Julia Lee
Snatch And Grab It (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento & Captain Chaos

Surfin' With Ned And Nelda - Ned & Nelda
The Thing - Phil Harris
Shrimpenstein - Gene Moss
You're Nothin' But A Nothin' - Raymond Paige orchestra

Romper Room - Hollywood Hot Dogs
If I Was A Hell's Angel - Gilbert Shelton Band
Booley Wooger - Prairie Ramblers
China Boy - Reinhardt/Grappelly

Hot Dog Boogie - The Singing Dogs
My Voice Is Changing - Jack Clement

Lucky Lindy (excerpt) - Nat Shillkret & His Orchestra
Lindbergh, The Eagle Of The USA (excerpt) - Vernon Dalhart

Casey, The Pride Of Them All - Jerry Colonna
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento
Who's On First - Abbott & Costello
Take Me Out To The Ball Game (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento
Dodger Stadium - Willie Davis & Maury Wills

That's Entertainment - Martin & Lewis
Poor Doris - Ross & Sargent
Crosby, Columbo & Vallee - Dick Robertson
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams - Bing Crosby


I Wuv A Wabbit (excerpt) - Al Trace & Silly Symphonists
Peter Cottontail - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Rabbit Hash - Billy Golden
Rabbit Hash (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento

Constantinople - Happiness Boys
Chinese Rock And Egg Roll - Buddy Hackett

Bumper Sticker Song - Larry Groce
Cement Mixer - Slim Gaillard

Giving It To Mary - Cliff Edwards
Oh Roscoe - Cliff "Red" Stanley
Swamp Lake - Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
Powerhouse - Raymond Scott

Slap 'Er Down Again Paw - Arthur Godfrey
A Girl Named Harry - Joni Credit
It Must Of Been Something I Et - Tiny Hill
Carnival Of Venice - Jack Oakie & Don Bestor

Piccolo Song - Judy Marshall w/ Banana & The Bunch
Let Me Play With It - Hartman's Heartbreakers
Your Feet's Too Big - Fats Waller
Uranus - "Space Alphabet"
Everybody Wants My Fanny - Benny Bell

Big Rock Candy Mountain - Haywire Mac
last steam train out of Pasadena
Two Black Crows (Part 1) - Moran & Mack
In The River (Part 1) - Dr. J. Paul Goodbreath
Snootful Of Snow - Allen & Grier

When Veronica Plays The Harmonica - Kay Kyser/Gloria Wood
Pico And Sepulveda (The Street Song) - Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra
La Brea Tar Pits - Dom Franco & Payload
La Brea Tar Pit Blues - Sod

#10 Pop Hates The Beatles - Allan Sherman
#9 Dirty Don - Don Bowman
Revolution 9 (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento
#8 You Know My Name (Look Up The Number) - The Beatles
Pop Hates The Beatles (brief excerpt) - Allan Sherman
#7 The Vatican Rag (w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer

#6 Davy's Dinghy - Ruth Wallis
#5 Boobs A Lot - The Holy Modal Rounders
#4 The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Possum
#3 Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway
EXTRA: Bury Me In My Shades - Shel Silverstein
#2 Bounce Your Boobies (w/ intro) - Rusty Warren
#1 Springtime For Hitler - Mel Brooks

NOTE: This show was also aired on KZOK in Seattle, WA on September 8, 1974. The playlist was mostly the same, but #8 and #9 were reversed, an EXTRA was played after #6, and instead of the four songs about California before the top ten, the following five songs were substituted: