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The Dr. Demento Show #38 - March 23, 1975

The Trouble With Harry - Alfi & Harry
Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out) - The Hombres
Harry You're A Beast/What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body - The Mothers Of Invention
Cincinnati Dancing Pig - Teresa Brewer

Song Of The Sewer - Art Carney
Schleppin' My Baby Back Home - Mickey Katz
Gwan Home, Yer Mudder's Callin' - Jimmy Durante & Eddie Jackson

Donald, Where's Your Troosers - Andy Stewart
Say Guy Ya Wanna Boogie - Sgt. Charts & The Teenage Zombie Drug Band

Etiquette Blues - The Happiness Boys
The Old Sow Song - Rudy Vallee & Cyril Smith
Mary Had A Little Lamb (excerpt) - Donald Duck (Clarence Nash)
Little Blue Riding Hood - Stan Freberg

Springtime For Hitler - Mel Brooks
Blazing Saddles - Frankie Laine
Puttin' On The Ritz - Mel Brooks
Witch Doctor - David Seville

Rubbin' On The Darned Old Thing - Lovin' Sam Theard
Born To Be Wild - Ned Wreck

Mr. Goldstone I Love You - Ethel Merman
To Sit On A Sandwich - I, Brute Force
51 Beers - Karl & Harty
Life Gits Tee-Jus Don't It - Carson Robison w/ His Pleasant Valley Boys

#10 The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati - Possum
#9 Boobs A Lot - The Holy Modal Rounders
#8 The Ballad Of Irving ("schlepping" version) - Frank Gallop

#7 Big Bruce - Steve Greenberg
EXTRA: Put The Bone In - Terry Jacks

#6 The Night The Lights Stayed On In Pittsburgh - The Credibility Gap
#5 William Tell Overture - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
#4 It's A Gas - Alfred E. Neuman

#3 Friendly Neighborhood Narco Agent - Jef Jaisun
EXTRA: Japanese Banana - David Seville & The Chipmunks
#2 The Vatican Rag (w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer
EXTRA: I'm The Urban Spaceman (album version) - The Bonzo Dog Band

#1 Shaving Cream - Benny Bell
next week: the voice of Donald Duck, Mr. Clarence Nash