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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - February 8, 1976

Shaving Cream - Fabulous Five Inc.

Weather Forecast - Master Singers

Snow Train - Jamies
Super Skier - Chad Mitchell Trio

Pool - Red Ingle
Small Fry - Bing Crosby/Johnny Mercer

Los Angeles, Los Angeles - The Zanies
Eddie, Are You Kidding - The Mothers
Sam You Made The Pants Too Long - Ziggy Talent/Vaughn Monroe
Everybody Wants My Fanny - Benny Bell

Worms - Captain Rock
Masochism Tango - Captain Matchbox

In The Mood - Glenn Miller
Variations On The Dudley Do-Right Theme - Dub Taylor
Impossible - Steve Allen

Triskadekaphobia - Butch Stone/Les Brown orch.
It's Sister Ginny's Turn To Throw The Bomb - Glencoves

Railroad Hour: Casey Jones - Billy Murray/American Quartet

Washington Crossing The Delaware - Stan Freberg
Still No Sign Of Land - Monty Python
Ballad Of Boris Pilloris - Captain Rock
My Son The Vampire - Allan Sherman
Transfusion - Nervous Norvus

Me And Ol' C.B. - Dave Dudley
Mechanical Man - Bent Bolt & The Nuts
Ain't We Crazy - Haywire Mac
Opera Sequence - Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother
Pay-Yat-Chee - Spike Jones & His City Slickers f/ Homer & Jethro

Davy's Dinghy - Ruth Wallis
Elderly Man River - Stan Freberg
Smut - Tom Lehrer
Smut - Skyhooks

Ted Knight interview (pre-taped)

Walter Cronkite (You're All Right!) - Randy Van Horne & The Second Generation

Martian March - Roto
Speck - Larry Verne
Ol' Peterbilt - Carl Knight

Cocktails For Two - Spike Jones
Drunk - Jimmy Liggins & His 3-D Music
I Faw Down And Go Boom - George Olsen & His Music
T'Ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do - Hoosier Hot Shots
Take Off Your Clothes - Peter Sarstedt

Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party - Ted Fio Rito/Muzzy Marcelino/Debutantes
Mickey Mouse's Birthday Party - David & Gail
Polly Wolly Doodle - Shirley Temple
More Impersonations - Florence Desmond
In The Bushes At The Bottom Of The Garden - Ray Noble

Sweet Transvestite - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Contest - anonymous

#10 You Got Your Baby Back - The Mystic Knights Of The Oingo Boingo
#9 Who's On First - Abbott & Costello
#8 Four Letter Words - Oscar Brand
#7 I Love A Practical Joke - The Joker
#6 Please Mr. Custer - Larry Verne
#5 Gumball Wizard - Brad Stanfield
#4 Daffy Duck's Rhapsody - Mel Blanc
#3 Spam - Monty Python
EXTRA: Squeeze Box - The Who
#2 Junk Food Junkie - Larry Groce
#1 Stardrek - Bobby Pickett & Peter Ferrara