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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - November 13, 1977 (6p-10p)

Special Topic: the 5th Beatle himself, Murray The K, as we pay tribute to our dear Beatles and other insects; the boob tube (television)
Snootful Of Snow - Allen & Grier
Cigareetes, Whuskey, And Wild, Wild Women - Red Ingle & The Natural Seven
Can I Do It Till I Need Glasses - Whizbang

You Haven't Lived, Till You've Died In L.A. - Sammy Fain (& Paul Francis Webster)
Two Black Crows (part 5) (Curiosities On The Farm) - Moran & Mack
Step Right Up (single version) - Tom Waits

Satisfaction - Devo
Let's Get Small - Steve Martin
Dwarf's Yodel Song (fade in) - from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
Hamster Love - Big Daddy
The Hunting Song (live w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer

Let's Play Doctor - BS
My Girlfriend Has Three Legs - Damaskas Hollodan
Ballad Of Chowchilla Ray - Robert Goulet
Tell Miss Sweeney Goodbye - Lily Tomlin

Beatles announce Murray The K, theme music
Murray The K interview (live in studio)

The Beatles' Christmas Record - The Beatles
It's Johnny's Birthday - George Harrison
Ringo For President - Rolf Harris

Prime Time - Don McLean
TV Mama - Joe Turner

T'Ain't No Sin (excerpt) - Lee Morse
Slap Slap (excerpt) - Four King Sisters
Television (brief excerpt) - Red Foley
Slap Slap (brief excerpt) - Four King Sisters
Television (excerpt) - Red Foley
TV Is The Thing This Year (excerpt) - Dinah Washington
Turn On Your TV - Larry Groce
TV-Anna - Boston Pops Orchestra
Along Came Jones - The Coasters

Howdy Doody Time - Bob Smith
Mr. Television - Milton Berle & Donald Duck
You Are So Rare To Me - The Three Haircuts
Solfeggio - Robert Maxwell
I Love Lucy (edit) - Desi Arnaz
Tele-Vee-Shun (1958 version) - Stan Freberg

(Theme From) The Monkees (excerpt) - The Monkees
Rubber Duckie (excerpt) - Ernie (Jim Henson)
Red Light, Green Light - Engineer Bill
Highly Illogical - Leonard Nimoy
Used Car Dealer Blues - Cal Worthington
Who Is It? - Carlton The Doorman
TV Blues - John David McCain

The Vidiot - Ken Nordine
M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E closing theme - Jimmy Dodd & The Mouseketeers

#10 Telephone Man - Meri Wilson
#9 Argument Clinic - Monty Python

#8 Uneasy Rider - Charlie Daniels Band

baking bread sketch (live in studio) - Glad Glen & Mad Mary
#7 Poisoning Pigeons In The Park (orchestral version) - Tom Lehrer

#6 Shaving Cream - Benny Bell
EXTRA: Doggy Doo - Steve Wahl & The Hydrants
#5 Locked In The Closet With You - SuLu

#4 Bloat On - Cheech & Chong
#3 Geek's Revenge - Don Noon
#2 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
EXTRA: Impossible - Steve Allen [announced as Bob Henry]
#1 Pencil Neck Geek (w/ epilogue) - Fred Blassie
next week: our special guest Tom Waits
on New Year's Day, 1978: top 50 for the year 1977
Drought - Sulu [actually part of Your Opinion Please show, not Dr. Demento Show]