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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - December 18, 1977 (6p-10p)

Special Topic: Merry Christmas!
Frosty The Dopeman - Marc Zydiak
The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas (album version) - Allan Sherman

Open Me First - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
Jingle Bells (edit) - The Singing Dogs
(It's Gonna Be A) Punk Rock Christmas - The Ravers
A Christmas Carol (live w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer

Santafly - Martin Mull
The Day That Santa Claus Retired - Rose & The Arrangement
The Beatles Sixth Christmas Record - The Beatles

Cheapskate Drug Store sketch (live in studio) - Dr. Demento & Radio Free Mime
The Chipmunk Song - Canned Heat & The Chipmunks
Santa Claus Hides In The Phonograph - Ernest Hare
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - Jimmy Boyd
Santa's Beard - The Beach Boys
I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas - The Goons
I'm Gonna Spend My Christmas With A Dalek - The Go-Gos
Frontier Christmas - Hudson & Landry
Los Angeles Los Angeles (brief in-studio performance) - Dr. Demento

Santa Jaws (Part I) - Homemade Theatre
Department Store Santa Claus - Irving Taylor
I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas - Gayla Peevey
Santa Jaws (Part II) - Homemade Theatre

Football (fade in) - Abe Lyman & His Orchestra
Nuttin' For Christmas - Stan Freberg
Christmas Tree - Robert Rosene [missing beginning on aircheck]
I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas - Yogi Yorgesson
Granny's Holiday Fruitcake - Granny

A Daddy's Christmas - Albert Brooks
Randolph, The Flat Nosed Reindeer - Homer & Jethro

Turkey Bowl '77 (live in studio) - Radio Free Mime w/ Dr. Demento
Tessie - The Machine
I Want A Beatle For Christmas - Patti Surbey & The Canadian VIPs
The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record - The Beatles

Wreck The Halls - Three Stooges
Donde Esta Santa Claus (early fade) - Augie Rios

Introduction (ending only)/A Consort Of Choral Christmas Carols (S. 359): Throw the Yule Log On, Uncle John; O Little Town of Hackensack; Good King Kong Looked Out - P.D.Q. Bach [including cueing beforehand]
Jingle Bells - Leo Watson
I Was Santa Claus At The School House (For The P.T.A.) - Yogi Yorgesson w/ Johnny Duffy & The Scandahoovians

Blue Christmas - Elvis Presley
White Christmas (original version) - Bing Crosby

A Christmas Carol - Basil Rathbone

#10 I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas - Yogi Yorgesson

#9 Green Chri$tma$ - Stan Freberg

#8 The Twelve Gifts Of Christmas (album version) - Allan Sherman

#7 Santa Jaws Part II - Homemade Theatre
#6 Santa Jaws Part I - Homemade Theatre

#5 Randolph The Flat Nosed Reindeer - Homer & Jethro

#4 Hanukkah Song - SuLu & friends
Encounters Of The Fourth Kind: Interview With The Wise Man (live in studio) - Radio Free Mime
#3 Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong [started late then restarted]
#2 All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
EXTRA: Merry Christmas To You All - Damaskas

#1 A Christmas Carol (live) - Tom Lehrer
next week: our humbug show (absolutely nothing to do with Christmas)
in two weeks: the top 50 of 1978
on January 8: the year of the 78 (whole solid hour of 78s)