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The Dr. Demento Show #78-12 - May 14, 1978

Gitarzan - Ray Stevens
Alvin's Orchestra - David Seville & The Chipmunks
Can Broadway Do Without Me? - Clayton, Jackson & Durante
Clone Of My Own - Brian Clark

Margie The Midget - Martin Mull
Tall People - Larry Groce
Your Feet's Too Big - Fats Waller

Marvin - Christine Nelson
A Pub With No Beer - Slim Dusty
Talking Viet Nam Potluck Blues (studio version) - Tom Paxton

Mairzy Doats - Kay Kyser
I Wanna Hot Dog For My Roll - Butterbeans & Susie
Hold The Mustard - Hudson & Judson
Cookies, Pie And Cake - Yogi Yorgesson w/ Johnny Duffy & The Scandahoovians

New Math - Tom Lehrer
Wun'erful, Wun'erful! - Stan Freberg
Still No Sign Of Land - Monty Python

Fred The Head - Ken Morrison Ensemble
Delicious! - Jim Backus & Friend
The Pits - Hudson & Judson

#5 Pencil Neck Geek (w/ epilogue) - Freddie Blassie
#4 Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
#3 The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati (missing spoken outro) - Possum

#2 The Ballad Of Irving ("schlepping" version) - Frank Gallop
EXTRA: Pal-Yat-Chee - Spike Jones & His City Slickers (Vocal Refrain by Homer & Jethro)

#1 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band