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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - September 3, 1978 (6p-10p)

Normal - Martin Mull
I'm Normal - The Emperor

Talking Union - Pete Seeger w/ The Almanac Singers
Are You For Real - Jerry Lewis
Smile, You're On Candid Camera - Bob Crane
Roll Me Over - Larry Vincent & His Look Out Boys

Football Stomp - Zap
Football - Eric Idle/Neil Innes
What It Was, Was Football - Deacon Andy Griffith
Terrible Operation Blues - Georgia Tom/Jane Lucas

Gee, It's Great To Be Crazy - Billy Murray
Crazy People - Cliff Edwards
I Live In A Split Level Head - Napoleon XIV

Gloomy Sunday - Paul Robeson
Holiday For Strings - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict - Pink Floyd/Make Your Bird A Star (excerpt) - O. Hardy Bird & S. Laurel Bird
Jack Benny - Rochester - Bob Cole & Dale Reeves

The Village Blacksmith Owns The Village Now - The Happiness Boys
Making The Best Of A Bad Situation - Dick Feller

Automation - Allan Sherman
You Need Feet - Bernard Bresslaw
Hair - James Rado, Gerome Ragni & Company (Original Broadway Cast)
One Less Mouth To Feed - Peter Alsop

The Ballad Of Walter Wart/It's Warts On The Flip Side That Counts - The Thorndike Pickledish Pacifist Choir
Robot's Lullaby - Mac Vounty & The Swingers
The Trouble With Harry - Alfi & Harry
Someone Ate The Baby - Shel Silverstein

Downwind Dan - John Burke
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes - Lewis Lee
Amazin' Man (single edit) - John Bird (as Idi Amin)

Butterfinger Bamboozler: Who sings on the next recording? This little boy grew up to be a famous Las Vegas entertainer. Correct answer wins a whole case of Butterfingers and a whole case of Baby Ruths. (Answer: Sammy Davis, Jr.)
I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You - Sammy Davis, Jr.
Fooba Wooba John - Ken Bloom

On The Amazon - Bobby Howes
Sixpence - The Escorts

Bob & Bob live in the studio

We're Not The Hoosier Hot Shots - Bob Skyles & His Skyrockets
Mountain Spaztic - Nosflow
Celery Stalks At Midnight - Will Bradley & His Orchestra f/ Ray McKinley
Makin' Out - Smyle

Star Gores - Furia Bros.
Commercials - Benson & Alber
Sepulveda - King's Jesters

Pico And Sepulveda (The Street Song) - Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra
#10 The Vatican Rag (w/ intro) - Tom Lehrer
EXTRA: D-I-V-O-R-C-E - Billy Connolly

#9 Wolf Creek Pass - C.W. McCall
Transfusion (excerpt) - Nervous Norvus
#8 The Ballad Of Ben Gay - Ben Gay & The Silly Savages
#7 Making Love In A Subaru - Damaskas

#6 Sweet Transvestite - Tim Curry (Rocky Horror Picture Show)
#5 My Dead Dog Rover - Stu, Dave & Hank & Their Aeolian Duo-Art Player Piano
EXTRA: The Bears Are Taking Over Yellowstone - Brother George Underbrush
#4 Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp) (New 1964 Version) - Allan Sherman [started at 33 1/3 rpm instead of 45 rpm]

#3 Bagel Tree - Sulu & Janet Bieber
phone call sketch - Radio Free Mime w/ Sulu & Dr. Demento
#2 Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Steve Martin
#1 Titties And Beer (lightly censored) - Frank Zappa
next week: guest John Landis (director of National Lampoon's Animal House)