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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - May 25, 1980

Wop Music - Eddy Gorodetsky & Tom Couch
Eh, Cumpari - Julius LaRosa
Pepino, The Italian Mouse - Lou Monte

Dance Of The Hours - Spike Jones
The Runaway Train - Vernon Dalhart
The Train - Lord Buckley
Gumby Jaws Lament - Barnes & Barnes
Minnie's Yoo-Hoo - Anonymous

What's The Use? - Raymond Hitchcock
What Are You Squawkin' About? - Carson Robison
My Dog Lives In A Duplex - Willie Clyde
Gidget Goes To Hell - Suburban Lawns

Dave - Cheech & Chong
Open The Door Richard - Count Basie
Close The Door - Jim Lowe
Shut The Door - Johnny Johnson
When I'm Cleaning Windows - George Formby
Mother's Lament - Cream
Skinny Girls - Alan O'Day
I Can Never Eat Home Anymore - Detergents
Oh, Mr. Mitchell - Clara Smith

Aardvark - Bob McAllister
Let's All Have Another Beer - Karl & Harty
Breakfast Conversation #2 - Yin & Yan
Thank God I'm A City Boy - Harry Sippel & Penny's Back Porch

They're Here - Boots Walker
Flying Saucers - Mel Blanc
Dear Madelyn - B. J. Hunter
Plastic Jesus - Goldcoast Singers

The Class - Chubby Checker
I Won't Grow Up - Mary Martin
Talking Union - Almanac Singers
The Baseball Girl - Miss Ray Cox
Soothin' Syrup Stomp - Thomas Walker
Kennedy Girls - Little Roger & The Goosebumps
My Daddy Is President - Little Jo
Whip It - Devo

Rock And Roll Bouquet - David Little
Please, Mr. Carter - Spider's Legacy
Last Blast Of The Blasted Bugler - Sonny Gianotta
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life - Monty Python
Inka Dinka Doo - Jimmy Durante

The Crepitation Contest - Anonymous

Drugs - Damaskas
Up In Smoke - Cheech & Chong
Marijuana Hell - Ron Nagle
Who Are The Brain Police - The Mothers Of Invention

The Sideboard Song - Chas & Dave
Moscow Drug Club - B. B Gabor

Musical Mike's Jazz Corner: The Cascades - Gunther Schuller

#10 Boobs A Lot - Holy Modal Rounders
#9 Ballad Of Ben Gay - Ben Gay
EXTRA: Anita O.J. - Tom Paxton
#8 The Smoke-Off - Shel Silverstein
#7 Shaving Cream - Dr. Demento
#6 Disco Sucks - Chuck Wagon & The Wheels
#5 My Bologna - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#4 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
#3 My Girl's Pussy - R. Crumb
#2 Boris The Spider - The Who
#1 Psycho Chicken - Fools