A copy of this show has been found in the Demento Archives. If you would like to vote for it being transferred to digital for streaming on their web site, please click here.

The Dr. Demento Show #81-35 - August 30, 1981

The Ratings - Mick Gwynne & The Pettycoats [played before opening]
Walter Wart, The Freaky Frog/It's Warts On The Flip Side That Counts - The Thorndike Pickledish Pacifist Choir
The Q5 Piano Tune - Spike Milligan

I'm A Ding Dong Daddy (From Dumas) - Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
Peter The Meter Reader - Meri Wilson
Once Upon A Nickel - Ethel Merman & Ray Bolger

Inflationary Language - Victor Borge
If I Had A Noseful Of Nickels - Lou Carter
Cocaine Bill And Morphine Sue - The Blazers
Framed - Cheech & Chong

I Don't Wanna Go Back To School - Arnold
Green Garden Hose Part #2 - Brother George Underbrush
A Drop Of The Hard Stuff (w/ intro) - Peter Sellers
Beer Beer Bottla Beer - A. C. Ducey
Daffy Duck's Rhapsody - Mel Blanc

It's Not Nice To Fool Mother Nature - Dan Murphy
My Baby's Got Rabies - The Piggys
Mongoloid (original version) - Devo
The Little Black Egg - Bebe Buell w/ Rick Ocasek (& most of The Cars)

Bomb In The Mail - Bob Tombasco
The Tomato Vendetta - Mason Williams
Call Any Vegetable (Mothermania edit) - The Mothers Of Invention
Banana - What A Crazy Fruit! - Rusty Canyon w/ The Banana Boys

#5 I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#4 Rock And Roll Doctor - Travesty Ltd.

#3 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band
#2 In The Mood - Henhouse Five Plus Too

#1 Another One Rides The Bus - "Weird Al" Yankovic