The Dr. Demento Show #81-40 - October 4, 1981

Special Topic: demented movie music

Roger Boom - Lawrence Welk Presents Larry Hooper
The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
Coneheads - Frank Zappa
Rosie Don't Bang On The Piano - Cliff Ferré w/ The Cafe Society Quintet

The Bears - The Fastest Group Alive
Lenny And The Bear - Jeff Wayne
Elmer And The Bear - Phil Harris
Armadillo - Clifford J. Buckosh w/ Refuge & The Armadillo Chorus

St. Louis Blues/Bye Bye Blues - Whiskey Bottle Boys
Born To Be Cheap - Divine
You're Moving Out Today - Bette Midler

The Dinghy Song - Ruth Wallis
Pins - Andy Andrews
She's My Girl (live) - Tom Lehrer
Bitchin' In The Kitchen - Cliff DeYoung & Jessica Harper
Never Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh - Shel Silverstein

What It Was, Was Football - Deacon Andy Griffith
Fernando - Stanley Ralph Ross
Duncan (Version One) - Slim Dusty
Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (That Cigarette) - Tex Williams & His Western Caravan

Ain't It A Beauty - Cliff Ferré w/ The Cafe Society Quintet
Green Garden Hose Part #2 - Brother George Underbrush
The Moral Majority - The Electric Church
Bomb In The Mail - Bob Tombasco

#5 Harry's Jock Strap - Dickie Goodman
#4 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes

#3 Rock And Roll Doctor - Travesty Ltd.
#2 Shaving Cream (LP version, faded before end) - Dr. Demento
EXTRA: Jews In Space - Mel Brooks

#1 I Wanna Kiss Her - Tim Cavanagh