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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - February 1, 1981 (6p-10p)

Meet Me At The Beach - Surf Punks
Russian Bandstand (1981 update) - Spencer & Spencer

I'm Not A Juvenile Delinquent - Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers
Sunset Symphony - People Of The Sunset Strip
Hungry Freaks, Daddy - The Mothers Of Invention
Frustration - The Zanies
We're The Sunday Drivers - Billy Murray's Trio
Sunday Driving - Jerry Lewis
Driving In San Francisco - Bill Cosby
Harv Kirschener - Fabulous Deluxe Bros.
Roast Chicken Faces - Toons
Perrier Junkie - National Lampoon

Perles De Cristal - Elsa Popping & Her Pixieland Band
The Court Of King Caractacus - Rolf Harris
You Can't Do That - Nilsson
She Loves You - Homer & Jethro
Nursery Rhymes - Meyer & Drake
Put The Bone In - Terry Jacks

We Are The Chuckleheads - The Chuckleheads
I'm Normal - The Emperor

When Lulu's Gone (brief accidental excerpt) - The Bang Boys
Yes, We Have No Bananas - Billy Jones
Head Cheese - Psycotic Pineapple
Cantata: Blaues Gras (Bluegrass Cantata) for tenor, bass, Bluegrass band and Baroque orchestra (S. 6 string): recit. and aria: Blaues Gras - P.D.Q. Bach
When Lulu's Gone - The Bang Boys
Number One - Damaskas

Let's Talk Dirty To The Animals - Gilda Radner
The Circus Song - Jim Kweskin Jug Band
The Animal Song - King Perry's Pied Pipers
Tiger Rag - Les Paul & Mary Ford
The Founding Of Pasadena - Bordyne
El Pizza - Dudley
I Like Chinese - Monty Python
India - Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
Ning Nang Nong - Spike Milligan
You Went The Wrong Way Old King Louie - Allan Sherman
Wipe Out - The Surfaris

We Will All Go Together When We Go (live) - Tom Lehrer
Happy Birthday - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Too Old To Cut The Mustard - Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary Clooney
I'm A Woman - National Lampoon
Men - Martin Mull
Anatole Of Paris - Danny Kaye
Please Forgive My Misconduct Last Night - Dionne & The Pucktones
Squalor - Peter & Lou Berryman
Parts - Kevyn Dymond
Physical - Nichols & May
Goodness Gracious Me - Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren
Teenage Romance - Stuart Paul

Pictures From Sweden - Johnny Baltimore
Let's Make Lust - Jay Condom
Never Bite A Married Woman On The Thigh (Songs And Stories version) - Shel Silverstein
Eating Food - Ron Jacobs from A Child's Garden Of Grass
Chocolate Chip Cookies - Bill Steele
I Eat Kids - Barry Louis Polisar
Rutabaga Boogie - Paul Shelasky

Country Music Is Here To Stay - Simon Crum
Pico And Sepulveda (The Street Song) - Felix Figueroa & His Orchestra
Musical Mike's Jazz Corner: Boston Skuffle - Jabbo Smith & His Rhythm Aces
#10 The Birds And The Bees - Rowan & Martin
#9 Gilligan's Island (Stairway) - Little Roger & The Goosebumps

#8 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
#7 Junk Food Junkie (live in studio from syndicated show #91) - Larry Groce w/ Berke McKelvey
#6 Existential Blues - Tom (T-Bone) Stankus
#5 Moose Turd Pie - Utah Phillips
#4 Earache My Eye Featuring Alice Bowie (w/ added echo in middle) - Cheech & Chong
#3 Pencil Neck Geek (w/ added echo at end) (w/o epilogue) - Fred Blassie
#2 Time Warp - Rocky Horror Picture Show
#1 Another One Rides The Bus - "Weird Al" Yankovic