No complete tape of this show has been found in the Demento Archives. If you have a copy, please let me know!

playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KMET) - August 23, 1981

Bomb In The Mail - Bob Tombasco
It's Sister Jenny's Turn To Throw The Bomb - Glencoves

Watch World War III On Pay TV - Crown City Four
Mr. President - Dickie Goodman
Duncan - Slim Dusty
D.I., D.I. - Dick Murphy

Raspberry Song - Goons
Pineapple Man - J. B. Sky
Big Top - Surf Punks
Knockers Up - Rusty Warren

Open The Door, Richard - Jack McVea
Up Your Nose - Gabriel Kaplan
Who Committed Mutiny - Fred Warren
Old McDonald Had A Farm - Spike Jones
The Moral Majority - Electric Church
The Touchables In Brooklyn - Dickie Goodman
Dr. Jekyll And Misty Hyde - David Little

We Are The Nowtones - Blotto
Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) - Class Of '81
Honky Tonk Queen - Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley
Help - Earl Gresh

My Dead Dog Rover - Stu, Dave & Hank
My Baby's Got Rabies - Piggys

Buying A Bed - Monty Python
Me And My Vibrator - Susie Seacell

Shock Treatment - Richard O'Brien
My Werewolf Mama - Lenny Bruce
Lenny Bruce - Bob Dylan
Freight Train Blues - Bob Dylan
The Flies Crawled Up The Window - Hulbert Bros.
Sit On My Face - Monty Python
Seduced - Leon Redbone

Truck Drivin' Yiddisha Man - Eddy Kay
Mercury Blues - K. C. Douglas
Beep Beep - Playmates
Goin' Quackers - Willio & Phillio

A Little Priest - Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou
Someone Ate The Baby - Shel Silverstein
Rat Bait - Swimming Pool Q's
Listening To The Flowers Grow - Bill Oddie

Chrissy, My Little Chromosexual - Kristy Vant
Hopelessly Heterosexual - Peter Alsop
Honeydew (We Cantelope) - The Malibooz
She's Got Colonel Sanders Thighs - Rotunda
Musical Mike's Jazz Corner: Memphis Blues - Ben Pollack

#10 Moose Turd Pie - Utah Phillips
#9 Seven Words You Can Never Say On TV (edited) - George Carlin
#8 Jimmy Durante Nose - Vince Sanchez
#7 The Ballad Of Irving - Frank Gallop
#6 Won't Eat Prunes Again - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#5 Little Blue Riding Hood - Stan Freberg
#4 General Hospi-tale - Afternoon Delights
#3 Super-Duper Man - Dickie Goodman
#2 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
#1 I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead - "Weird Al" Yankovic