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The Dr. Demento Show #82-15 - April 11, 1982

Special Topic: all the winners of The Great Dr. Demento Novelty Song Contest (the grand prize winner, and 2nd & 3rd prize, and all the runners up)

Hey Fred! - Freddie Blassie & His Skullsuckers
On The Amazon - Don McLean
Peter Cottontail (one chorus) - Gene Autry
Ya Wanna Buy A Bunny - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Mom Always Liked You Best - The Smothers Brothers
The Unreleased She Loves You (Inspired By Dr Strangelove) - Peter Sellers
Nose Job - The Dellwoods
Evelyn, A Modified Dog - Frank Zappa
Hot Dog Boogie - The Singing Dogs

Dead Frogs - Debbie Fairbanks/Howard Letofsky
April Showers - Spike Jones & His City Slickers
It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' - Wendell Hall

Novelty Song Contest Winners:
Don't Go Down To The Fallout Shelter - Tom Fenton & Ice-Nine (Buffalo, NY)
I Get Weird - John Christensen (Lakewood, CA)
Mediocre Mama - Doug Robinson & Brian Laurance (Badger, CA)

My Wife Left Town With A Banana - Carlos Borzenie, Sr. (San Francisco, CA)
Ugly - Bob Lind & Neil Norman (Los Angeles, CA)
My Name Is Not Merv Griffin - Gary Muller (Manhattan Beach, CA)
The Swedish Western - Steve Lisenby (Los Angeles, CA)
I Found The Brains Of Santa Claus - Jason & The Straptones (Jason Robert Lyle, West Chester, PA)

3rd Prize: Girl From Three Mile Island - Timothy J. McDonald (Los Angeles, CA)
2nd Prize: Smut - The Other Half (Garnet M. McGladdery, Defiance, OH)
Grand Prize: Bodine Brown (She's Fun To Be Around) - Purvis Pickett & The Punk-a-billies (Jerry Powell, Mobile, AL)
interview with Jerry Powell

#5 Pac-Man Fever - Buckner & Garcia
#4 Shaving Cream (LP version, faded before end) - Dr. Demento

#3 Take Off (w/o outro) - Bob & Doug McKenzie
#2 Dead Puppies - Ogden Edsl Wahalia Blues Ensemble Mondo Bizzario Band

#1 Junk Food Junkie (live in studio from show #91, 1976) - Larry Groce