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entered from playlist by ahs@nevada.edu & jbmorris@copper.ucs.indiana.edu

The Dr. Demento Show #84-40 - September 30, 1984

Special Topic: parodies; go to college
I Love Onions - Susan Christie
Horrible Breath - Fresh
Bacteria - Penn & Teller

Rock And Roll Classroom - The Conception Corporation
Twisted - Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Metal Head - Blotto
Vanderhalen Brothers Medley - Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte

Holding Out For Shapiro - Barry Mitchell & Men Without Talent
Same Old Song Again - Tim Walkoe
Major Connie (First Cow In Space) - Ken Johnson & Jim Tofte
Hamster Love - Big Daddy

Breakfast Wine - George Carlin
Woke Up This Morning - Fish Karma
Repetition (new version) - Marina Swingers

Dog Police - Dog Police
Nishnabotna - C.W. McCall
Bright College Days (live) - Tom Lehrer

College Life - Billy Murray
Collegiate Medley:

Bruces - Monty Python

#5 The Curly Shuffle - Jump 'n The Saddle Band
#4 I Love Rocky Road - "Weird Al" Yankovic

#3 Pencil Neck Geek (w/ epilogue) - Fred Blassie
#2 99 Dead Baboons - Tim Cavanagh

#1 Ice Box Man - George Carlin
next week: George Carlin will be my special guest
just before Halloween: our Halloween special