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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show #87-03 - January 18, 1987

Special Topic: bubblegum music from the 60s

Fat Man's Prayer - Victor Buono
Diet Song - Shel Silverstein
Hunger Is From - Ken Nordine
Someone Ate The Baby - Shel Silverstein

Spam - Monty Python
Put The Bone In - Terry Jacks
Trade Description Act - Monty Python
Nuts - George Melly
Another Fishin' Song - Elmont

Ice/Dog Stay (edit) - Steven Wright
Black Lassie (A Great American Dog) - Cheech & Chong
Here Come The Fleas - White Noise
One Hen - The Blue Chips

Turn In Your Parents - Bill Frenzer & The Ogden Edsl
Dragnet Goes To Kindergarten - Ricky Vera
Baby Snakes - Frank Zappa
Christmas Is Over - John Mammoser
One Of These Days - Pow! - Jackie Gleason

Bubble Gum Music (excerpt) - The Rock And Roll Dubble Bubble Trading Card Co. Of Philadelphia-19141
Bubblegum medley #1:

Bubblegum medley #2: Little Orley And The Bubble Gum - Uncle Lumpy w/ Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians

30,000 Pounds Of Bananas - Harry Chapin
Loving You Has Made Me Bananas - Guy Marks
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes - Lewis Lee

#5 It's A Real World (After All) - Duck Logic
#4 Dentist! - Steve Martin
EXTRA: Bacteria - Penn & Teller

#3 Let's Blow Up The Tow Truck - Krypton
#2 Polka Dot Undies - Bowser & Blue
AUDIO TORTURE CHAMBER: Charlie Brown - Superior Street Singer [slowed down at end]

#1 Ronnie's Rapp - Ron & The D.C. Crew

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