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The Dr. Demento Show #90-19 - May 13, 1990

for broadcast the week of May 7-13, 1990
Special Topic: Mother's Day

Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
Peanut Butter - The Marathons
She's A Rank Chick - The Phil Moore Four
Big Ten Inch Record - Bull "Moose" Jackson w/ Tiny Bradshaw's Orchestra

Major Turnoff - Charlie Burton & The Hiccups
Sensitive New Age Guys - Christine Lavin
Men - Martin Mull
I'm A Man - Bo Diddley

Understanding Blues - Dan Hart
Your Love Is Fatal - Shattered Nerve Endings
Beer Gut - Da Yoopers
What I Like About Booze - Dis-Turbo

Old Man Gipper - Capitol Steps
My Daddy Is President - Little Jo
Ned Nostril (And His South Seas Paradise, Puts Your Blues On Ice, Cheap At Twice The Price Band--Ikky-Ikky, Ukky-Ukky) - Ray Stevens
Chicken Dick's Chicken Sticks - Joal Morris
Moist Towelette - The Ab-Normal

Demented News - Whimsical Will [from KLSX 5-14-89]
My Mother Is A Space Cadet - Dweezil
Oedipus Rex - Tom Lehrer
My Mommy Loves My Daddy - Barnes & Barnes

Mom Always Liked You Best - Smothers Brothers
Motherly Love - The Mothers Of Invention
Call Any Vegetable - The Mothers Of Invention

Dirty Love - The Mothers
I Love To Ride The Bus - Artie Barnes
Can I Pawn My Teeth To You - Roy Esser
#5 Einstein - Tom Dark

#4 What's It Like To Be You - Barnes & Barnes
#3 The Smallest Thing Known To Man - Lorne Elliott
#2 We Love Barney Fife - Guns N' Moses
EXTRA: Barney On The Fourth Of July - Screwball Productions

#1 Squirrels - The Beastly Boys

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