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The Dr. Demento Show #94-05 - January 30, 1994

From: annie@nevada.edu (Annie Sattler)
Subject: No Dr. Demento Show 1/30/94

The word is that the transmitter in Sherman Oaks, Calif., was put out of commission for the better part of last week by the earthquake on 1/17. So there was no show broadcast yesterday at all. Also heard that the Doc's studio got rather shaken up as well... :-( Sorry, no word on what next week's plans are. Here's hoping...


From: J.D. Zack (zack@cdsnet.net)

OTRB sent the following note to stations:

January 19, 1994

To: Program Directors:

RE: "The Dr. Demento" Program

From: On The Radio

Due to the recent catastrophic earthquake in Los Angeles, we will not be
able to distribute the "Dr. Demento" program for the week of January 24.

This is an unforeseeable event and we are sorry for any inconvenience
this may cause you.  We will be up and running and continuing
distribution of the program next week.

Thank you for your understanding.

NOTE: The show which would've aired this week, spotlighting Monty Python, was eventually aired as show #94-20.