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The Dr. Demento Show #94-13 - March 27, 1994

Special Topic: bad boys and bad girls

Good Old Days - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Those Two Dreadful Children - Cruella de Ville
Whips and Chains - Clyde Brown
The Masochism Tango - Tom Lehrer

Bad Boy - Larry Williams
Little Willie - Katie Lee
High School Gym - Barnes & Barnes
Charlie Brown - The Coasters
Status Back Baby - The Mothers of Invention

Demented News With Whimsical Will
Happy Birthday - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Dr. D - The Utensils
Jones Polka - Spike Jones & His City Slickers

Beans in My Ears - The Serendipity Singers
(I'm A Fool For) Beans - Fletcher Peck Trio
Beans - Bo Carter
It's a Gas - Alfred E. Neuman

The Big Five-O - Doodoo Wah
Little Willie - Katie Lee
My Neighbor's Kids - The Duh
Let's Make the Water Turn Black - The Mothers of Invention
Hippety Hop - Allen & Grier

Mr. Bullfighter - Harry Jeremy
Mutant Cows - The Dyzmals
Little Willie - Katie Lee
That's My Boy - Stan Freberg
I'm Bad - Bo Diddley

Little Willie - Katie Lee
Norton - Mike McGear
Jail Bait - Andre Williams
#5 Poisoning Pigeons in the Park - Tom Lehrer

#4 A-Whalin' - The Foremen
#3 Bedrock Anthem - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#2 Pencil Neck Geek - Freddie Blassie

#1 Fish Heads - Barnes & Barnes
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