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The Dr. Demento Show #94-30 - July 24, 1994

Special Topic: police

You Never Know - Heywood Banks
Marvin - Marvin The Paranoid Android
But, Officer - Steve Allen

The Old Dope Peddler - Tom Lehrer
Buzz the Fuzz - Biff Rose
Little Fat Policeman - The Sandpiper Singers with Mitch Miller's Orchestra
Big Cock-Roach - Kip Addotta

Demented News with Whimsical Will
The Ballad of Thunder Road - Robert Mitchum
Henry - The New Riders of The Purple Sage
Speed Trap - Hoyt Axton

Rudy Rudy - Harry Jeremy
The Cat Got Dead - Heywood Banks
A-Whalin' - The Foremen
The Dinosaur Song - Heywood Banks
In the Mood - Henhouse Five Plus Too

Teenage Mutant Kung-Fu Chickens - Ray Stevens
Cops with Attitude - Harry Shearer
Crazy Blues (excerpt) - Mamie Smith
The Policeman's Song - Danny Kaye

The Loser - Dr. Hal Ross
The Unreleased She Loves You (Inspired By Dr Strangelove) - Peter Sellers
Friendship - Ray Charles & Ricky Skaggs
Friends - The Police

Lazin' in the Shade (of the Information Super-Highway) - The Foremen
#5 Bald Guys - Faust & Lewis

#4 Losing My Religion - The Benzedrine Monks of Santo Domonica
#3 God Told Me To Rob the 7-11 - Dick Price
EXTRA: (Don't Mix Ammonia with Clorox) - Dick Price
#2 Down with V.E.G. - The Amazing Onionheads

#1 A Trip to Jurassic Park - Whimsical Will
EXTRA: The Farewell Toast - Mike Cross
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