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playlist courtesy of The Dr. Demento Show

The Dr. Demento Show (live on KLIT) - August 14, 1994

NOTE: This broadcast was taped for national distribution by On The Radio Broadcasting three weeks later as show 94-36.
Special Topic: various kinds of work
Fast Food - Stevens & Grdnic
White Collar Holler - Stan Rogers
One Hen - The Blue Chips
Dust Mites - Heywood Banks

Telephone Man - Meri Wilson
Powerhouse - Raymond Scott
Mrs. Train - They Might Be Giants

Demented News With Whimsical Will
Mangia O Mangia - Bartles & Arpad
Spam - Monty Python
Nuts - George Melly

Making Out (edit) - Smyle
Making Love In A Subaru - Damaskas
It's In The Book - Johnny Standley

We're An Accordion Band - Those Darn Accordions
I Used To Work In Chicago (edit) - Larry Vincent
Lunchlady Land - Adam Sandler

Shaving Patients For Surgery - Mr. Dees
Like A Surgeon - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Vanna Pick Me A Letter - Dr. Dave

Little Boxes - The Womenfolk
Peter The Meter Reader - Meri Wilson
PMS Airlines - Royal Canadian Air Farce
Harvey Davidson Polka - Happy Schnapps Combo
#5 Psycho Chicken - The Fools

#4 Hittin' Bedrock - Whimsical Will
#3 Do The Picard - Rusty Humphries & The Bone-heads
#2 Stress - Jim Infantino

#1 Down With V.E.G. - The Amazing Onionheads
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