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The Dr. Demento Show #95-11 - March 12, 1995

Special Topic: dieting

Fat Man's Prayer - Victor Buono
He Ate Too Many Jelly Donuts - Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots
Dieting - Kip Addotta
Eat Too Much - Guns N' Moses

Carrot Juice Is Murder - The Arrogant Worms
Successful Vegetarian - The Uninvited
Cheesecake - Louis Armstrong
The Cheese Shop - Monty Python

Demented News With Whimsical Will
They Drive Me Brady - Guns N' Moses
Stupid Day Job - Wally Pleasant

Dust Up His Nose - Larry Rand
Who Put The Benzedrine In Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine - Harry "The Hipster" Gibson
Random Drug Testing - Cub Koda
Song For Bob Dylan - Wally Pleasant

My Generation (Part 2) - Todd Snider
Bald Guys - Faust & Lewis
Dead Skunk - Loudon Wainwright III
Big Fat Road Manager - The Arrogant Worms

Diet Song - Shel Silverstein
Fat As I Am - Bette Midler
My Wife Is On A Diet - Eddie Cantor
The Drinking Man's Diet - Allan Sherman

Inflationary Language - Victor Borge
Raindrops - Wally Pleasant
#5 A Whole Newt World - The Capitol Steps

#4 Redneck Stomp - Jeff Foxworthy
#3 500 Miles - The Complainers
#2 Particle Man - They Might Be Giants
EXTRA: Mr. Ed - Tiny Tim & The Gloomchasers

#1 The Brady Bunch - "Weird Al" Yankovic
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