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The Dr. Demento Show #99-49 - December 5, 1999

Special Topic: Christmas part 1/3

Jingle Booty (Santa's Got Gas) - (DJ Eggo)
Must Be Santa (with intro and outro) - The Billy Nayer Show
Santa Klutz - Cab City Combo
The Chimney Song - Bob Rivers Comedy Corp

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas (Hippo The Hero) - Gayla Peevey
I Want A Blow Up Doll For Christmas - Arnie Aardvark
Boob Job For Christmas - Virginia Kegel
Demented News With Whimsical Will

I've Got Some Presents For Santa - Sarah Taylor & Bill Mumy
Here's Your Sign Christmas - Bill Engvall
An Axl Christmas - Sponge Awareness Foundation
Hanukkah Rocks - Gefilte Joe & the Fish

Tradition - Mike Hitchcock & Steve Kehela (from The Groundlings)
Another White Christmas - Tim Cavanagh
Santa's Got A Brand New Bag - The Bobs
Y2K - The Fools

A Christmas Carol (live) - Tom Lehrer
Rudolph The Brown Nose Reindeer - Rudy & The Reindeer
The Annual Office Christmas Party - Ray Stevens
'Twas The Night Before The Seventh Day Of Hanukkah - Ron Coden

The Snowman - Rodney Carrington
You Can't Have A Shag With A Snowman - Ivor Biggun
You Can Sue/We Wish You A Merry Christmas - The Claus(e) Company
The Chipmunk Hoax Exposed - Jim Ratts (altered version of The Chipmunk Song - David Seville & The Chipmunks)
All I Want For Christmas - Mary Kaye Trio
Santa Claus Hides In The Phonograph (edit) - Ernest Hare

#5 Frosty The Dopeman - Marc Zydiak
#4 Walkin 'Round In Women's Underwear - The Fifth Inversion/Bob Rivers & Twisted Radio

#3 The Chanukah Song - Adam Sandler
#2 Santa Claus And His Old Lady - Cheech & Chong

#1 The Night Santa Went Crazy (extra gory version) - "Weird Al" Yankovic
next week: Christmas part 2/3