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Take-Offs & Put-Ons

LP RCA LPM/LSP 3772 (1967) [mono/stereo]

Early release with a completely different cover with photos of a young (and very different-looking) George Carlin.

Jack Burns & George Carlin at the Playboy Club

LP ERA Records EL 103 (mid to late 60's?; originally recorded in 1960)

Take-Offs & Put-Ons

LP Camden CAS-2566 (1972)


LP Little David LD 7214 (1972)

Class Clown

LP Little David LD 1004 (1972)

The Original George Carlin

LP ERA E-600 (1972)

Occupation: Foole

LP Little David LD 1005 (1973)

Toledo Window Box

LP Little David LD 3003 (1974)

An Evening With Wally Londo Featuring Bill Slaszo

LP Little David LD 1008 (1975)

On The Road

LP Little David LD 1075 (1977)

The George Carlin E.P.-Edited For Airplay

EP Little David EP-PR-279 (1977) [promo only]

Indecent Exposure: some of the best of George Carlin

LP Little David LD 1076 (1977)

Killer Carlin

LP Laff A219 (1981)

CD Uproar 3664 (1995)

A Place For My Stuff

LP Atlantic SD 19326 (1981)

Carlin On Campus

LP Eardrum ED-1001 (1984)

The George Carlin Collection

LP Little David/Atlantic LD 90241 (1984)

Playin' With Your Head

LP Eardrum 90523-1 (1986)

CD Eardrum 90523-2 (1986)

What Am I Doing In New Jersey?

LP Eardrum 90972-1 (1988)

CD Eardrum 90972-2 (1988)

Parental Advisory - Explicit Lyrics

LP Eardrum 91593-1 (1990)

CD Eardrum 91593-2 (1990)

Classic Gold

CD Eardrum (Atlantic) 92219 (1992)

Contains FM & AM, Class Clown, and Occupation: Foole

Jammin In New York

LP Eardrum 92221-1 (1992)

CD Eardrum 92221-2 (1992)

Back In Town

CD Eardrum 92728-2 (1996)

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