Bounce Your Boobies - Rusty Warren

entered by Jeff Morris - October 31, 1995

You know girls, it's great to live in a democracy today, where freedom is everywhere. But girls, we often take this freedom for granted: freedom of speech, freedom of thought, and freedom of action. But you know gals, just because a bunch of men signed that Declaration Of Independence in 1776, doesn't mean that freedom was for men alone. Oh no, you take Tom Jefferson, Ben Franklin, John Hancock - he's a helluva guy for you right there! All these men had wives. They probably had a few broads on the side too. These women wanted freedom just as much as their men did. But gals, I wonder, do we? I think it's time that we women thought about it a bit. Hell, I think it's time we did something about it. So come on, fellow females of the 20th century! Be glad that you're an American! Proclaim your freedom! Stand at attention! Pledge Allegiance! And...

Bounce your boobies, get into the swing.
Bounce your boobies, the swing is everything.
Makes no difference if they're big or small,
As long as you - ooh! - give 'em your all.

Bounce your boobies.
Come on, honey, bounce 'em up and down.
Bounce your boobies.
Come on, bounce your boobies, honey. Come on.

Loosen the bra that binds you!
Take it off if you feel like it!
Come on, bounce your boobies.
Here we go. Doesn't that feel good?
Bounce your boobies.

You know girls, men aren't the only people in the world today that have something to give, but it sure looks like it sometimes. Just look around you - men stick out all over the place. Big fat cigars. Big fat stomachs. And just where they should stick out - phhbtt! - where is it?!

Yes, girls, we know what we've got, and we know what they're worth. So come on, gals, let's get into the swing of things. Give your boobies some freedom! All together now!

Bounce your boobies, let 'em rock 'n' roll.
Nudge your knockers, keep 'em hot and so.
Just admit it, gals, it sure feels great
To feel them swingin', ooh, titilate!

Bounce your boobies.
Come on, bounce 'em up and down, honey.
Bounce your boobies.
There, look at that gal, she's goin' at it.
Bounce your boobies.
Oh, doesn't that feel good?
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce,
Bounce your boobies now!

Bounce your boobies everybody!

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