From: Annie Sattler <>

The Dr. Demento Show #88-39 - September 25, 1988

Special Topic: baseball

Delicious! - Jim Backus & Friend
Barbara In My Bed - Jesse Goldberg
Big Ten-Inch Record - Moose Jackson
My Girlfriend Is Inflatable - John Mammoser

Satellite Dish - Pinkard & Bowden
Plastic Jesus - The Goldcoast Singers
Red Lights And Tickets (edit) - George Carlin
Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen

Cloud Nine Motel - Farquahr
You Make Me - "Weird Al" Yankovic
The Way You Make Me Squeel (Power Grunt Mix) - Bud LaTour

Draft Dodger Rag - Phil Ochs
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted - Frank Zappa
People I Can Do Without - George Carlin
Do The Freddy - The Elm Street Group

Who's On First - Abbott & Costello
D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song (Oh, Really? No, O'Malley) - Danny Kaye
"Babe" And "Lou" (The Home Run Twins) (edit) - "Babe" Ruth & "Lou" Gehrig

Baseball Stars Sing:

Baseball - Bill Cosby
A Dying Cub Fan's Last Request - Steve Goodman

How Was I To Know? - Barry & The Bookbinders
#5 Hey Roger! - Whimsical Will
#4 Earache My Eye Featuring Alice Bowie - Cheech & Chong

#3 Eat It - "Weird Al" Yankovic
#2 Squirrels - The Beastly Boys

#1 Star Trekkin' (simulated Canadian single edit) - The Firm

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