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The Dr. Demento Show #91-25 - June 23, 1991

(Show #91-25, for broadcast the week of June 17, 1991)

Plastic Jesus - The Goldcoast Singers
The Fruit Song - Martin Mull
Fishin' Hole (Andy Griffith Show Theme) - Andy Griffith
Fishing Wit Fred - Da Yoopers

I Want A New Duck - "Weird Al" Yankovic
Rubber Duckie - Ernie (Jim Henson)
Stamp Collecting - Dr. Love & The Erogenous Zones
Coupon Clippin' - Gene Simmons

Do The Claw - Dread Zeppelin
It Still Smells Like Elvis - Bowser & Blue
He Ate Too Many Jelly Donuts - Rick Dees & His Cast Of Idiots
Ice Ice Baby - Big Daddy

Grow, Mrs. Goldfarb - Allan Sherman
Hitler Was A Vegetarian - Joel Mabus
I Eat Kids - Barry Louis Polisar
Just To Feed My Dog - Abby Henderson

Take Off - Bob & Doug McKenzie
Bill From Bala - The Frantics
The Rodeo Song - Showdown
Nick Bellows Sports Talk - The Royal Canadian Air Farce

Canadian Wildlife: Dead Animal - The Frantics
Rubber Biscuit - The Blues Brothers
Hockey Night In Canada - The Brothers-In-Law
Canada Is - The Royal Canadian Air Farce [listed erroneously as "Hockey Is" on the log sheet]

Sam, The Hot Dog Man - Lil Johnson
The Frim Fram Sauce - The King Cole Trio
#5 Don't Get Killed - Andy Breckman
#4 Doctorin' The Tardis - The Timelords

#3 Werecow - Flippy T. Fishead
#2 I Hate When That Happens - Billy Crystal (w/Christopher Guest)
#1 7-Eleven - Led Slurpee

[Thanks to Tom McCown for providing this playlist]