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The Dr. Demento Show #95-27 - July 2, 1995

Special Topic: All-American

The Mississippi Squirrel Revival - Ray Stevens
O.J. Bologna - SuLu
The Stars And Stripes Forever - John Twomey
The All-Collision, All-Explosion Song - John Hartford

The Shameful Ballad Of Lijah The Precocious Orchard Queen (edit) - Don White
My Dog Ate Nolan Ryan - Scary Gary Alan
Someone Ate The Baby - Shel Silverstein

Demented News With Whimsical Will
There's A Hole In The Bucket - Harry Belafonte & Odetta
Hole In The Bucket - Spearhead

Whiskey 'Fore Breakfast/Sailor's Bonnet - Mike Cross
Talkin' To Ralph On The Big White Phone - Morning Wood
Something To Shoot - Chris Wall & The Rhythm Wranglers
We Won't Give 'Em Sex - Bianca Bob Miller & Flystrip

Stupid Day Job - Wally Pleasant
Cellular Sam - Andy Olsen
Car Phone - Sheeler & Sheeler

The Ballad Of Davy Crew-Cut - Homer & Jethro
The Flag - Charlie Van Dyke
To Anacreon In Heaven - John Townley
A Man Can't Be Too Careful What He Signs These Days (Declaration Of Independence) (brief accidental excerpt) - Stan Freberg
Gingrich, The Newt - The Austin Lounge Lizards

A Man Can't Be Too Careful What He Signs These Days (Declaration Of Independence) - Stan Freberg
#5 God Told Me To Rob The 7-11 - Dick Price

#4 Moose Turd Pie - Utah Phillips
#3 Dead Elephant Dance - Chuck Lucky & The Gentlemen Of Leisure
#2 I'd Rather Have A Bottle In Front Of Me (Than A Frontal Lobotomy) - Randy Hanzlick, M.D. (Dr. Rock)
EXTRA: Loving You Is Surfing You - Rap Reiplinger

#1 Everything Reminds Me Of My Therapist - Nancy Tucker
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